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Take action to prevent and stop prejudice-based aggression and violence:

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“Kidpower helped me advocate for my child and gave them skills to speak up and get help when kids bullied them about their gender identity.”

“Fullpower skills saved my life when I was attacked by a man who was shouting, ‘Get out of my country! Your kind doesn’t belong here!'”

Being Bullied Stops Kids from Learning: See Our School Resources

A Key Message for Addressing Prejudice

“In a better world, no one would be treated as ‘less worthy’ because of their differences. By working together, we can create that better world!”

― Irene van der Zande, Kidpower Founder

Talk with kids about safety and respect.

Appearance Bullying Webinar

Over 100 people registered for our webinar, Appearance Bullying, to help protect people with rare diseases (and other visible differences) from bullying with Irene van der Zande, Kidpower’s Executive Director and Founder. You can watch the video recording and find more resources in our Resource Library.

Take action to prevent and stop prejudiced-based aggression and violence:

Kidpower Publications Provide Skills and Strategies to Stop Prejudice-based Aggression and Violence

  • Get the Book: 'Bullying - What adults need to know and do to keep kids safe'Kidpower’s Bullying Solutions Book gives clear explanations, inspiring stories, and step-by-step activities to help address all forms of bullying and harassment, including that caused by homophobia, sexism, racism, antisemitism, and other forms of prejudice. This book is used by many schools and youth organizations as a foundation for their own anti-bullying programs.
  • Our Fullpower Relationship Safety Handbook includes describes how to address verbal attack and other forms of dating and domestic violence.
  • The Kidpower Book for Caring Adults: Personal Safety, Self-Protection, Confidence, and Advocacy for Young People describes how to create a foundation of emotional safety for young people; People Safety skills and strategies; solutions to personal safety problems such as bullying, child abuse, and kidnapping; and how to be an effective child safety advocate.
  • Kidpower and Fullpower Safety Comics provide an entertaining and useful guide to help young people learn how to protect themselves when others act unsafely or disrespectfully and how to act safely and respectfully themselves.
  • Books 1, 2, and 6 of the Kidpower Teaching Book series specifically provide social stories and skill practices for keeping kids safe from bullying.

Doing Right by Our Kids is a field guide for practicing courage. It will arm you with the knowledge and skills you need to know when, why, and how to act to protect your kids.”

— Dan Heath, New York Times Bestselling Author

A groundbreaking new book about Protecting Child Safety at All Levels by internationally-recognized child safety education experts, Amy Tiemann, PhD and Irene van der Zande.


Kidpower Skills for Child Protection Training and Consulting

cpai-aug-2015-ireneKidpower offers a wide range of in-person programs for parents, professionals, children, teens, adults, and people with difficult life challenges based on the specific needs of their families, schools, organizations, or businesses. See our California services or other locations for more information.

We provide online learning with live and recorded webinars, custom long-distance seminars, consulting, and personal coaching sessions that can be conducted anywhere by video-conferencing, email, or telephone. Services also include keynote speakers for conferences, tailored sessions for board and staff retreats, and traveling instructors. Please contact us.

Our three-day Kidpower Skills for Child Protection Advocates Institute provides an in-depth training in how to use our intervention, advocacy, and personal safety skills to protect and empower children and teens. Executive Membership includes a Skype coaching meeting on how to use Kidpower resources to meet your specific needs.

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