Child Abuse Prevention

Stop Sexual Abuse With Awareness, Action, and Skills:

Boundary-setting and help-seeking skills for children and teens - protection and advocacy skills for their adults.

Take action to prevent and stop child abuse:

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Books to Help Protect Children and Teens From Sexual Abuse

kidpower book cover imageThe Kidpower Book for Caring Adults: Personal Safety, Self-Protection, Confidence, and Advocacy for Young People provides extensive information on how to protect children from sexual abuse, including clear explanations, inspiring stories, and step-by-step explanations about how to practice skills.

Relationship-Safety-Skills-front-(1)Kidpower and Fullpower Safety Comics and Curriculum Teaching Books give cartoon-illustrated tools for teaching and practicing “People Safety” skills that can stop most abuse by preparing kids to set boundaries and get help.

The Relationship Safety Skills Handbook is for teen and adult victims and potential victims of relationship violence (domestic violence), as well as the support people in their lives.

Kidpower Trainings and Consultation Services

Kidpower offers a wide range of in-person programs for parents, professionals, children, teens, adults, and people with difficult life challenges based on the specific needs of their families, schools, organizations, or businesses. See our California services or other locations for more information.

We provide long-distance seminars, consulting, and personal coaching sessions that can be conducted anywhere by video-conferencing, email, or telephone. Services also include keynote speakers for conferences, tailored sessions for board and staff retreats, and traveling instructors. Please contact us.

Our three-day Kidpower Skills for Child Protection Advocates Institute provides an in-depth training in how to use our intervention, advocacy, and personal safety skills to protect and empower children and teens.

Online Library Resources

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Watch this TV Interview with Kids Practicing Skills

Click to Watch a KKTV interview with Kidpower Colorado center director Jan Isaacs Henry, talking about what Kidpower can do to stop abuse and violence in your community.

Watch this KKTV interview with Kidpower Colorado center director Jan Isaacs Henry, talking about what Kidpower can do to stop abuse and violence in your community. ADULTS ONLY VIEWING – mentions of news stories involving child abuse are not appropriate for children to hear.

For more information about Kidpower’s resources for teaching these People Safety Skills and concepts, please visit our online Library (free community membership) and our RelationSafe™ Bookstore.

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