Child Abuse Prevention

Child Abuse Prevention

Take action to protect young people from sexual abuse

To protect children from child abuse, including sexual abuse, Kidpower teaches parents, teachers, and other caring adults:

    • child protection strategies to protect children from abuse
    • age-appropriate safety skills adults can teach to children without scaring them
    • coaching strategies to practice the skills with kids in ways that can reduce fear and build confidence

Use the resources and books below to learn, use, and teach Kidpower skills to protect children from abuse. In addition, see:

Our abuse prevention trainings and resources include extensive boundary setting practice because boundaries are a powerful prevention tool – and, they are also powerful skills for strong, healthy relationships! See Kidpower Skills to Persist in Protecting Personal Boundaries Through the 5 Levels of Intrusion™

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Kidpower is an Erin’s Law Law child abuse prevention recommended resource.


Protecting Youth Athletes from Sexual Abuse - Video Series

Kidpower has been working with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) since 2011 to develop resources specifically to address the problems of sexual abuse in youth sports by developing recommended policies and procedures, and producing videos that can be used to help educate coaches, parents and youth sports leaders on HOW to keep young people safe from sexual abuse.

Watch the video series>>

Parents: Advice to Prevent Sexual Abuse at Summer Rec and Camp Programs

Most camp counselors and recreation leaders are wonderful people who are completely dedicated to the well being of the children in their care. Unfortunately, a very few have bad intentions and can cause tremendous harm. To help keep your kids safe when they are away from you, we encourage you to take a few minutes to watch this Kidpower parent-education video with advice for how to evaluate the programs before sending your children and teaching kids self-protection skills.

Watch the video>>

Protecting Kids from Sexual Abuse without Scaring Them - Webinar recording

This webinar recording features Irene van der Zande, Kidpower’s founder and executive director, discussing how adults can assess people and situations, put safety first, and a variety of fun ways to practice 8 emotional safety techniques with children to help them recognize trouble, set boundaries, and get help.

Watch the video>>


Kidpower Book Front Cover

The Kidpower Book for Caring Adults

This inspiring, comprehensive guide puts Kidpower’s nearly 30 years of experience at the fingertips of parents, educators, and all adults who care about protecting children and teens.
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Relationship Safety Skills Handbook Front Cover

Relationship Safety Skills Handbook

This empowering handbook is for victims of, or people at risk of, interpersonal, dating or domestic violence, and the support people in their lives, to learn ‘People Safety’ concepts and skills to help them prevent or stop future violence.
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Kidpower Safety Comics Front Cover

Kidpower Children’s Safety Comics Color Edition

Now in color! This book answers the question, “How do I teach my kids to be safe with people without scaring them?” Have fun sharing the social stories together with your kids, and they’ll be learning powerful skills. Young children will ask you to read it again and again!
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Curriculum Teaching Books Front Covers

Book 5: Be Safe With Touch, Teasing, and Play

Book 5 of 6 in our Kidpower Teaching Book Series, designed to make it easy and fun for adults to use our curriculum with their classes, programs, and families, focuses on boundary setting strategies that help protect kids from most bullying and abuse – and that prepare them to develop strong relationships that can enrich their lives!
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Doing Right by Our Kids

The #1 best-selling guide to Child Safety in the #MeToo era. Practical tools for adults to take charge of the safety and well being of the young people in their care, and to address the obstacles that often get in the way.
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Doing Right by Our Kids is a field guide for practicing courage. It will arm you with the knowledge and skills you need to know when, why, and how to act to protect your kids.”

— Dan Heath, New York Times Bestselling Author


Learn Kidpower from the experts! Your choices include:

    • Online, pre-recorded courses at your own pace: visit the Kidpower Online Learning Center to start learning now, including our popular Kidpower Child Protection Advocate Training
    • Online, live workshops with others around the world: take a workshop open for public enrollment!
    • Online, live workshops with others in your own group: arrange a virtual Kidpower instructor to teach your group…
      • physically gathered in one location
      • joining online from remote locations
    • In Person [PAUSED for the pandemic]: take a live workshop organized by Kidpower and open to the public or organize a workshop for your own group!

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