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Fullpower Personal Safety Skills Protect and Empower Adults


Practicing the Low Elbow Technique

Fullpower personal safety training gives adults practice in dealing effectively with both difficult and dangerous people. Practicing the words to say and the actions to take in the moment can prevent and stop problems with people who don’t respect boundaries. Learning self-defense prepares adults to protect themselves from an attacker.

Adults in our Fullpower workshops practice “People Safety” skills to deal with common safety situations in a straightforward, practical way at home, on travel, at work, and in their communities.


Setting a firm boundary.

What skills do adults learn?

  • Setting firm, respectful boundaries
  • Dealing with emotional coercion
  • Protecting our feelings from hurtful words
  • Using target denial to avoid danger
  • Advocating effectively for ourselves and others
  • Dealing with sexual harassment
  • Protecting children or others in our care
  • De-escalating threatening confrontations
  • Using physical self-defense skills


How do we practice the skills?

  • practicing-with-ff-instructor

    Practicing with a Full Force Instructor

    We role-play common situations, such as dealing with an angry customer at work or facing potential assaults while taking care of small children

  • We practice solutions to prevent, avoid, de-escalate, and leave those problems as quickly as possible
  • We focus on the positive and on our own power to respond to problems safely and effectively
  • We approach the issues with curiosity, confidence, compassion, and humor, not with worry or fear
  • We enjoy the skills and activities, and we laugh – a lot!

Educational Resources for Adults For Their Own Safety

We offer several free articles and resources for adults.

What workshops are offered for adults?

Fullpowerpower workshops have been taught in a wide variety of settings ranging from 2 hour one-time programs to longer-term programs for groups. Below are our most common workshops:

Fullpower Full Force Workshops

Introductory Fullpower Full Force students practice taking powerful and effective action in the face verbal or physical attacks. Each student gets tailored, one-on-one Full Force physical self-defense skills coaching and practice with a padded instructor. This workshop is three to four hours long and can accommodate up to 15 adult students.

California Workshop Schedule

More information on organizing a workshop for your group

Fullpower Advanced workshops give students more in-depth practice of self-defense on the ground, against weapons, and against multiple attackers.

Workpower Workshops

Workpower offers a positive, practical approach to preventing assault and harassment in the workplace. We tailor our sessions to the unique needs and structure of your own workplace, and we present skills that support risk management and team building.

More information on organizing a workshop for your group

Personal Safety Workshops for Young Adults and College Students

Young adults living on their own for the first time have new freedom and responsibility, often in a new community. A few simple skills can make this time a safer, more successful experience.

In our Fullpower or Collegepower workshops, young adults practice skills that can help prevent, avoid, or de-escalate problems with friends, partners, and housemates as well as with strangers.

Participants practice how to:

  • Project an attitude of awareness and confidence
  • Be aware of the behavior of others on public transit, at parties, and on the street in order to take charge and prevent potential problems from escalating
  • Control space and distance between themselves and others
  • Deal safely with verbal attack
  • Create safety plans that allow for independence while making it easier to get help in an emergency
  • Set boundaries with people they know around common issues such as sharing living space, lending money, and communicating in a romantic relationship

Our CollegePower programs also include:

  • Setting boundaries with others in a group living situation
  • Managing conflict and misunderstandings that grow from cultural differences
  • Managing peer pressure
  • Skills for getting help

CollegePower workshops can be incorporated into college orientation programs in order to promote the safety and well-being of new students.


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All gifts to Kidpower will be MATCHED now through Midnight, December 1st!

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