How To Build Confidence, Create Safety, and
Stop Bullying, Abuse, and Violence

Welcome to our free library. Here you will find more than 100 articles about how to apply “People Safety” skills to help prepare you and your loved ones to develop stronger relationships, increase your confidence, and take charge of your emotional and physical safety.

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People Safety for Children

– What adults need to know and do to protect the emotional and physical safety of children.

People Safety for Teens and Adults

– How to take charge of your safety and advocate for the safety of others.

People Safety for People with Disabilities and Special Needs

– Protecting children and adapting People Safety Skills for teens and adults with disabilities or special needs.

Children and Youth

Child Protection – Parent & Professional Leadership to Keep Kids Safe

Starting Early: Personal Safety for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

Everyday Safety Plans and Skills for Children of All Abilities

Bullying Prevention

Child Abuse Prevention

Kidnapping Prevention and Stranger Safety

Planning for Safety During Holidays, Vacations, and Special Events

Teens and Adults

Boundary-Setting and Communication

Personal Safety for Different Ages, Cultures, and Problems

Teen Safety Issues, Strategies, and Skills

Emotional Safety for Teens and Adults

Workplace Communication and Self-Protection Skills

Self-Protection and Self-Defense in the Face of a Threat or Assault

The Foundation of Personal Safety

People of All Ages With Special Needs and Disabilities

Responding to Frightening News Events

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