April Yee

Self-Care, Well-Being & Wellness Coach

Vice President

John Luna-Sparks, L.Ac., Dipl. OM, LCSW

Licensed Acupuncturist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Peter Lewis, Ph. D.

Adjunct Professor, Education, CA State University San Bernadino,


Penny Campbell Loftesness

Secondary Mathematics Teacher, San Francisco Unified School District


Abby Bleistein, M.D.

Pediatrician / Doctor of Internal Medicine

Arnie Kamrin

Business Owner

Claire Laughlin

Communication / Education Consultant

Ellen Frankel

Investor, Frankel Family Foundation

Jennifer Turner-Davis

Professional Business Coach and Trainer

Julie Shattuck

Principal, Applied Research + Evaluation

Maryse Postlewaite

Conflict Resolution Consultant and Montessori Educator

Mikee Chen

Tech Sales and Marketing

Rich Kamrin

Owner, K-Flex Packaging Systems

Zaida Torres

Child Safety Expert and Social Activist

In Memoriam

Nancy Driscoll 1950-2016

Nancy Driscoll always thought of others first and never expected anything in return. She received joy by watching her pupils succeed. She served as Kidpower’s Board President for over 7 years and Board member for over 20 years. Nancy’s deep commitment to loving kindness and well being helped Kidpower grow from a good idea to a great reality.

Founding Board President

Ellen Bass

Writer and Co-Author of The Courage to Heal and Free Your Mind

Honorary Trustees

Janice Flynn

IT Senior Analyst

Karen Ho


Gayle Ortiz

Owner, Gayle’s Bakery

Robert Stephens

Owner, Elkhorn Native Plant Nursery


Peter Alsop

Psychologist and Educator

Victor Cheng

Business and CEO Coach

Manny Solano

Police Academy Coordinator & Former Chief of Police

Robert Meltzer

Owner, MyGym LA

Harold A. Johnson, Ed. D.

Emeritus Professor / Special Education, Kent State University (2006-13)

Kim Leisey

CAMP Rehoboth Community Center
Executive Director

Sandra Menefee

Corporate Facilitator and Family Therapist

Dave Harrison, M.D.

Emergency Physician

Job Description

General Responsibilities:

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governing of the organization, including reviewing and establishing policies; supervision, evaluation, and, when needed, selection of the Executive Director; overseeing the financial health of the organization; etc.


Kidpower Board members are individuals with high credibility who are willing to meet the commitments below and who have important skills and resources they are willing to use on behalf of our organization. People who have a major economic benefit from Kidpower may serve as ex-officio members but not as voting board members.

Individual Commitments:

  1. Attend quarterly or bi-monthly meetings by conference call and, if possible, board retreat or conference when one is scheduled.
  2. Commitment is to do what you can in ways that are realistic in your life, with the understanding that different life situations can require flexibility in order to make participation possible.
  3. Be supportive of, and knowledgeable about, and commit to functioning within the Kidpower Vision, Mission, Goals, and Values and Ten Best Practices of Team Members.
  4. Complete a minimum of one 3-year term as Board Member. Terms are renewable.
  5. Be willing and excited to be an active advocate for Kidpower to one’s personal communities/spheres of influence. Personal Communities might be geographic, service, professional, etc. Board Members’ role is to keep affirming Kidpower as an important contribution to society.
  6. Actively merge life experience skills with Kidpower to contribute a diversity of knowledge, experience, and talents for the benefit of the organization.
  7. Make a monthly or annual financial contribution of a personally meaningful amount. There is not a set amount, but this should be a significant philanthropic commitment for you personally (“You should feel it and it should feel good”).
  8. Actively participate in fundraising efforts for Kidpower in ways that work well for you such as sharing fundraising requests on social media or representing Kidpower to potential donors.
  9. Attend a Kidpower class/workshop if you have not done so already.
  10. Actively communicate by:
    • Being willing to speak up directly and promptly if there is a concern.
    • Being respectful and responsible about communication.

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