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Dating/Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Prevention

Take action to stop sexual assault, harassment, and dating/domestic violence, while building confidence and positive consent skills for teens and adults

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“Despite my martial arts training, it was actually the Fullpower self-defense skills that I used to stop him from raping me when I was attacked in a garage.”

“The boundary-setting skills I learned in my highschool Teenpower class helped me notice the signs and get out of a coercive relationship in college.”

What is Positive Consent?
“No” Means “NO!”, “Maybe” means “No!”, and “Yes!” Means “Yes!”

People of any age may at times feel pressured to engage in sexual activities, even when they really don’t want to. No matter what a person’s age or gender, everyone should know how to respond safely in these situations, from setting clear boundaries, to defending themselves verbally or physically against unwanted sexual advances, to getting help from adults they trust.

Understanding Positive Consent Helps to Protect Sexual Safety

Positive Consent means that each person:

gets to choose to participate – or not;

can change their mind at any time;

will have their choice to stop be respected, right away – no matter what.

Talk with kids about safety and respect.

The Kidpower Put Safety First Commitment™

Make the Kidpower Put Safety First Commitment™ for Yourself and Others

“I WILL put the safety and well-being of myself and others ahead of anyone’s inconvenience, embarrassment, or offense – including my own.”

Download a Poster of this commitment for your home or workplace.

Take action to stop sexual assault, harassment, and dating/domestic violence:

Kidpower’s RelationSafe™ Publications Provide Skills and Strategies to Stop Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Relationship Violence

  • The Relationship Safety Skills book is a domestic, dating, and interpersonal violence prevention handbook, written to be used by victims and potential victims of relationship violence, as well as the support people in their lives.
  • One Strong Move: Cartoon-Illustrated Self-Defense Lessons provides step-by-step directions for how to use self-defense strategies and skills to protect yourself from an emotional or physical assault – and how to teach these skills to others.
  • Fullpower Safety Comics give cartoon-illustrated tools for teaching and practicing “People Safety” skills that can prevent or stop most harassment, abuse, and other violence.

                                 Fullpower Safety Comics for Teens and Adults - Book Cover Image     

Doing Right by Our Kids is a field guide for practicing courage. It will arm you with the knowledge and skills you need to know when, why, and how to act to protect your kids.”

— Dan Heath, New York Times Bestselling Author

A groundbreaking new book about Protecting Child Safety at All Levels by internationally-recognized child safety education experts, Amy Tiemann, PhD and Irene van der Zande.

Kidpower Skills for Personal Safety Training and Consulting

cpai-aug-2015-ireneKidpower offers a wide range of in-person programs for parents, professionals, children, teens, adults, and people with difficult life challenges based on the specific needs of their families, schools, organizations, or businesses. See our California services or other locations for more information.

We provide long-distance seminars, consulting, and personal coaching sessions that can be conducted anywhere by video-conferencing, email, or telephone. Services also include keynote speakers for conferences, tailored sessions for board and staff retreats, and traveling instructors. Please contact us.

Our three-day Kidpower Skills for Child Protection Advocates Institute provides an in-depth training in how to use our intervention, advocacy, and personal safety skills to protect and empower children and teens. Executive Membership includes a Skype coaching meeting on how to use Kidpower resources to meet your specific needs.

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