Sexual Assault & Intimate Partner Violence Prevention

Sexual Assault & Intimate Partner

Violence Prevention

Far too many are harmed by sexual abuse, harassment, assault, and rape at school, at work, at home, and in our communities – in person and online. Too often, this harm happens between intimate partners.

Though anyone can become the target of sexual violence, prejudice and discrimination based on gender and sexuality lead to much higher rates of sexual violence directed toward women, girls, and LGBTQIA+ and non-binary people.

We have the power to change many of tomorrow’s stories of sexual violence, domestic violence, and intimate partner violence into stories of safety.

We can do this by speaking and acting in ways that change norms that excuse, overlook, or minimize sexual violence and the profound harm that it causes. To make this kind of change, people of all ages and walks of life need:

  • awareness of what safe and unsafe sexual behavior looks, sounds, and feels like;
  • understanding of the harm done when anyone has their sexual well being violated in any way for any reason;
  • skills for taking charge of the emotional and physical safety of themselves and others: and,
  • skills for expressing and withdrawing consent, setting and upholding boundaries, and respecting others’ boundaries

Our Online Learning Center, live workshops, and resources give community leaders in schools, workplaces, homes, and other groups the tools and strategies to build these skills – and to prevent sexual violence and the harm it causes policies.

What is Positive Consent?

People of any age may at times feel pressured to engage in sexual activities, even when they really don’t want to. No matter what a person’s age or gender, everyone should know how to respond safely in these situations, from setting clear boundaries, to defending themselves verbally or physically against unwanted sexual advances, to getting help from adults they trust.

Positive Consent means that each person:

gets to choose to participate – or not;

can change their mind at any time;

will have their choice to stop be respected, right away – no matter what.

For more about how to ensure consent, set boundaries, and protect sexual safety read: Protecting Sexual Safety: Skills to Ensure Consent and Set Boundaries

Sexual Assault Prevention Resources



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