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Build a strong foundation of personal safety skills for yourself as well as your family, school, organization, and community.  Learn how you can use Kidpower’s expertise in teaching “People Safety”  knowledge and skills to develop positive relationships, increase confidence,and take charge of emotional and physical safety. Using these skills in daily life can help prevent and stop most bullying, abuse, kidnapping, and other violence. Our materials also describe Kidpower’s Positive Practice teaching method for rehearsing these skills in an upbeat, hands-on way with people of different ages, abilities, and walks of life.


Our selection of free articles offers a wide variety of help on topics from kidnapping prevention to stopping bullying in the workplace.


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The Kidpower Blog is the place to go for the latest conversations on recent news events, answers to readers' questions, and other safety concerns.


Our Videos section provides our 'Puppetpower' series for young children, 'Walk in Another's Shoes' about teen bullying, and TV Interviews.


'People Safety' podcasts are easy to download and help you to have important safety conversations with your children.


Through partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance, here are two webinars about Child Abuse Prevention in Youth Sports.


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