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Elham Khoori

Elham (Eli) Khoori has a PhD in Reproductive Health and is an academic faculty member with 27 years’ experiences. She is also Post Graduated and has a bachelor’s degree in Midwifery. She possesses research and educational experiences in Children Personal Safety, Adolescent Health concern, and Perinatal grief. She is interested in empowering vulnerable people.

She finds that Kidpower’s goal is very valuable goal – “people’s safety” in a positive and respectful atmosphere, so she currently runs Kidpower Persia for Kidpower International.

In the meantime, Eli loves this Kidpower teaching: “Look through the lens of love.”

Sahar Arab

Sahar Arab holds a bachelor’s degree in midwifery and a master’s degree in midwifery counseling.

She is interested in working with children and adolescents and has done research on adolescent health concerns. She has worked at the university and in midwifery counseling centers on puberty education, marriage counseling, and physiological childbirth. She believes that happiness and security are the right of all of us and that Kidpower skills can make the world happier and safer for all of us.

Fatemeh Raeisian

Fatemeh Raeisian has a master’s degree in midwifery and is an academic faculty member with 10 years of work experience. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in midwifery.

She is interested in research in the field of safety and empowerment of children and adolescents and has educational experience in this field. She believes that familiarity with Kidpower and its skills is an important step towards achieving the goal of empowerment in children and adolescents.

What Adults Need to Know About Personal Safety for Children article title in Farsi link

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