Kidpower Safety Highlights

From Around The World

Take 3 minutes to experience the joy in this video!

This video shows children and adults – including people with disabilities! – practicing safety skills with Kidpower instructors in Argentina, Bangladesh, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Kenya, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sweden, and the US.

You’ll see people of different ages, abilities, and cultures having fun and gaining confidence as they practice skills for taking charge of their safety.

Here’s how you can help us keep bringing the joy and power of Kidpower to millions more children, teens, and vulnerable adults everywhere!

  • Donate – every dollar you give helps bring a life-saving skill to those most in need
  • Volunteer – even a few minutes of time can make a big difference
  • Learn More – about what we do – and share this information with others

Want more joy? Watch our 2022 video to see people practicing with Kidpower Bangladesh, Cuba, and India – as well people practicing in other countries around the world!