Memorial for Annette Washington

NOTE TO READERS: I want you to meet my friend, Annette Washington, because every person whose life is touched by our organization has had her or his life touched by Annette.

Peace, Love and Light, Annette

Woman kicking a padded instructorAugust 10, 2003

Annette Washington died peacefully two days ago on August 8th surrounded by her partner, Tam, her sister, Mary, and many people from her family and church. Annette was our Southern California Co-Director along with her friend Janice Flynn, who is also a long-time leader and teacher with our organization. I am very thankful to Janice for being THERE fully and lovingly countless times in important ways during these past few years whenever Annette has needed someone the most.

Annette is an awesome teacher who helped thousands of women, men, teens and children to find power and belief in themselves through her classes. She inspired many people to decide to become involved with our organization so that the opportunity for this kind of training would become available to as many people as possible.

Annette helped me greatly during some of the hard struggles as our organization was getting started. I do not think I would be doing what I am doing now had I not had her support. She has been part of our collaborative process and has made her imprint on our programs, our organization and our values.

When I asked Annette just a few days before she died what she wanted me to tell people for her, she said, “Just say what is in your heart to say and that will be the right thing. And please thank everyone who has given me messages, money to help out, and especially their thoughts and prayers.”

During these last few years as she was fighting with cancer, Annette has told me many times how proud she is of all of us for continuing with our work. She taught her most recent workshop a few months ago with the help of Janice for the physical parts while Annette led the class.

Each student taught by instructors we have trained and every student I have personally taught or will teach has had, or will have, her or his life touched by Annette.


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