Memorial for Myrna Frankel, 1938-2017

Myrna Frankel was the mother of Kidpower Donor Celebrations Director and Board Member Ellen Frankel. She was a cheerful, passionate, tireless advocate for the well-being of children and families. To everyone who knew her, Myrna was both a giver and a gift!

Myrna had a joyful spark inside her heart that energized her to help others, and that spark ignited others to take action. If there was a problem, Myrna figured out how to solve it; if someone was suffering, Myrna stepped in to help; if there was something to celebrate, she would bring the cake! Myrna was incredibly generous with her time, her professional expertise, and her cooking!

As a therapist, Myrna LOVED Kidpower’s programs for child safety, and would frequently ask Ellen, “How might Kidpower skills help my patient with this problem?” She was proud of Ellen’s passion and commitment to Kidpower and was delighted to have Ellen working so hard – in her own way- to help children and families thrive.

Ellen believes that working with Kidpower is the absolute BEST way to honor Myrna’s memory, and to support her legacy! For this reason, we have created the Myrna Frankel Memorial Scholarship Fund, to help ensure that every child or family in need has the opportunity to benefit from the empowerment and skills that Kidpower provides.