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Welcome to the September 2020 Kidpower Champions Corner, our monthly way to share upbeat stories, useful information and exciting updates.

An extra special THANK YOU! Community support is making it possible for our dedicated staff and volunteers to provide new online services and educational resources where they are needed the most. Since March 2020, we have provided over 5000 people of all ages, abilities, and walks of life with knowledge and skills so they are better prepared to:

  • Take charge of their safety and wellbeing
  • Protect children and teens from harm
  • Prevent and heal from trauma

Overcoming challenges in a positive way:

As an example, our very first Kidpower ONLINE Child Protection Advocacy Institute was an enormous success! Over the course of five, 2-hour workshops, we trained educators and other professionals from 12 countries! Not only across the US but from Argentina, Bangladesh, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Nepal, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, and Russia. It was amazing to see how seamlessly this training happened over Zoom! In many ways, this need to transition to online training has actually dramatically increased our reach worldwide, in ways we couldn’t have imagined a year ago.


online institute participants waving on Zoom

Safety Leader from 12 Countries Joined Our Institute!


Contact us about our upcoming Self-Paced Online Institute!

Our Kidpower en Español Group has been meeting regularly to create new educational resources and to provide online services in Spanish. Recently they created 30 short videos in Spanish that illustrate our Kidpower 30-Skills Coaching Guide. You can see the most recently published videos here:

Meanwhile, here in the U.S., we are getting even more creative! We are field-testing distance learning “bundles” with monthly recorded lessons for schools and youth-serving organizations. Topics include how to teach prevention skills to protect children and teens from: sexual abuse, bullying and harassment, domestic and dating violence, assault and kidnapping. We are also developing a “Safety Powers Project” to teach skills online for people who are deaf or hard of hearing!

Thank you for being part of our Kidpower community! Together we are helping people all over the world to stay safe!

P.S. Kidpower can really benefit from your support right now! If you have never donated, or if it’s been a while since you donated, or if you are able to make an additional donation at this time, we would be incredibly grateful. Click here to donate through our website. Thank you for your consideration!


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Published: September 29, 2020   |   Last Updated: September 29, 2020

Since learning about Kidpower in 2011, Ellen has become a certified instructor and a powerful Kidpower advocate who plays many important roles in our organization. As our Lead Program Coordinator, Ellen organizes hundreds of workshops serving thousands of people in California every year.