Services for Organizations

Programs & resources for organizations of all kinds

Services for Organizations

Programs & resources for organizations of all kinds

Who Organizes Workshops With Us?

  • companies supporting employee safety and positive workplace culture
  • adult friends & family seeking safety and advocacy skills to protect themselves and others
  • early childhood agencies arranging child protection workshops for parents and caregivers
  • playgroups interested in having fun learning age-appropriate safety skills together
  • social service agencies focused on specific issues (i.e. foster care, homelessness, recovery, independent living, mental health, youth leadership, families impacted by incarceration) giving staff and clients safety strategies to use and teach in their lives and work
  • health care providers wanting skills they can use as well as strategies for protecting and empowering patients and consumers
  • ability-specific groups interested in safety skills adapted for people with special needs. See more about our services for people with special needs
  • youth organizations including camps, clubs, troops, and teams to strengthen relationships and prevent bullying
  • parent/teacher organizations – see Kidpower Resources for Schools!

Every workshop is tailored to the ages and life situations of the group. During the planning process, our workshop coordinators take time to listen and ask questions so we understand your group’s unique needs, interests, priorities, and safety concerns. This prepares our instructors to lead workshops that are engaging, age-appropriate, and relevant. Note: During the Covid-19 pandemic, all our programs are conducted online. Given the success of our online programs, we will be continuing them after we resume in-person workshops. At that point, groups will have the option to arrange either online or in-person services – both are effective ways to learn safety skills.

What skills do participants practice?

Adults, teens, and children use these skills differently based on age, ability, and life situation. People might use them differently at home, at work, in public, and online. However, the skills themselves are the same – everyone deserves to know all of them. The 10 core skills we teach are:

  • Act with awareness, calm, and respectful confidence
  • Protect your feelings from hurtful words or behavior
  • Stay in charge of what you say and do by managing your emotional triggers
  • Recognize what is and is not safe
  • Move away from trouble and towards safety
  • ‘Check First’ and ‘Think First’
  • Set powerful and respectful boundaries (consent skills are part of boundary setting)
  • Be prepared to use your voice and body to stop an attack

Your group’s workshop will emphasize the skills most important to you. Skill descriptions are adapted based on age and ability. For example, programs serving parents with young children won’t have the term ’emotional triggers’ – but will include ‘Calm Down Power’.

What educational resources are available?

Our library offers a wealth of free resources, including articles, videos, audio recordings, our e-newsletter, and our blog, which provide tools for understanding and using the skills we teach.

Our Store sells publications such as our cartoon-illustrated Safety Comics and Curriculum Teaching Books for children, teens, and adults that introduce personal safety skills in basic language that individuals with limited reading skills as well as the general public have found to be important, respectful, and relevant. Our Store also sells our Kidpower Introductory Guide, our Kidpower Book for Caring Adults, our Relationship Safety Book, our 10 Safety Assignments, our 15 Safety Lessons, and our Comprehensive Program Manuals. These materials show how to teach ‘People Safety’ skills and concepts to the important children, teens, and adults in your life.

If you don’t have a Kidpower center close to your community, consider setting up a new one and training as an instructor.

We also train teachers and other professionals to include Kidpower in their lessons and programs so that young people everywhere can learn Kidpower!

To inquire about workshops for organizations, use the contact form below.

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