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You Can Take Action to Protect Teens and Adults from Assault and Abuse!

The news is full of stories of teens and adults suffering from physical, mental and emotional abuse. We know these can be avoided and stopped most of the time with the skills and strategies we teach in our world-renowned Teenpower and Fullpower programs! These skills help teens, adults, seniors, and people with disabilities to develop safe and strong relationships that add joy and meaning to their lives.

Apply by March 15th to participate in our 6-day Teenpower/Fullpower Core Skills Training (CST) in Santa Cruz, CA, April 23-28, 2020 — either as part of Instructor Certification or for your own professional development.

Don’t Delay – this training is bi-annual – the next one is in Spring, 2022!

You Can Learn & Teach Live-Saving Skills that Help People Develop Smart Personal Safety Practices and Thrive in Healthy Relationships at Home, School, Work and in Their Communities!

The life-changing strategies and skills we teach include boundary-setting, awareness, target avoidance, help-seeking, and physical self-defense to prevent and stop most abuse, harassment, assault, dating and domestic violence, bullying, and prejudice — both in-person and online. The time-tested skills we teach include:

  • Physical self-defense and skills for how to escape from an attack.
  • Preventing and stopping dating/domestic abuse and violence.
  • De-escalating to stop conflicts before they turn into fights.
  • Speaking up! Self-advocacy and advocacy for others.
  • Skills for getting help, even when the problem is with someone in a position of power and trust.
  • Noticing and avoiding trouble before it starts.

The Teenpower/Fullpower Core Skills Training (CST) provides hands-on practice to prepare participants to teach teens and adults, including expert coaching in real workshops during the training with 8th grade students, people with disabilities, and people who are elderly.

This program is primarily for people who want to become certified as instructors with Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International; AND also for people who want to audit the program and take this training for own professional development to learn our empowering, skill-building and strengths-based curriculum for use in their personal and professional lives without becoming certified.

FULLPOWERPlease join us in Santa Cruz, CA for the Spring 2020 Teenpower/Fullpower Instructor Certification and Core Skills Training (CST) April 23-28, 2020
Learn More and Apply Before March 15th

The next opportunity for this training won’t be until Spring 2022. 

We look forward to supporting your commitment to safety, and would love to work with you towards helping people in your community to learn skills to be safe and enjoy healthy relationships!

Registration is Also Open for the August 2020 Kidpower Child Protection Institute – a Unique, Experiential 3-Day Training for Adults who are responsible for children’s safety. Stay Tuned for More Information Coming Soon!

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Published: February 19, 2020   |   Last Updated: February 19, 2020

Beth (she/her/hers) is the Web Communications Director and a Senior Program Leader for Kidpower International. She is a former journalist, now writing & editing coach, business technology and strategy consultant, child protection and gender inclusion advocate, and has been a Kidpower instructor (for all-ages) since 1992.