Child Protection Advocates Workbook

Child Protection Advocates Workbook Front Cover - Click to buy on Amazon.comNow available on Amazon and Kindle!

Protect young people from bullying, violence, and abuse through Kidpower’s  intervention, advocacy, and personal safety skills for professionals, parents, volunteers, and other caring adults. This textbook for three-day Kidpower’s Child Protection Institute provides tools for protecting children and teens from harm and for empowering them to take charge of their own safety and well-being.

Topics addressed include:

  • Kidpower’s Underlying Principle and key child protection strategies.
  • 10 Core “People Safety” Skills to take charge of safety, prevent problems, increase confidence, and develop strong relationships.
  • Kidpower’s Positive Practice Teaching Method to make rehearsing safety skills and coaching use in daily life both successful and fun.
  • Assessment skills for recognizing specific child and teen personal safety issues.
  • Signs, statements, and policies to promote cultures of caring, respect, and safety.
  • Boundary-setting skills for advocating for safety effectively, respectfully, and persistently.
  • Intervention skills for stopping and redirecting unsafe or disrespectful behavior powerfully and respectfully.
  • How to use and teach People Safety, Relationship Safety, Consent, Boundaries, and Positive Peer skills to different ages, abilities, and walks of life.
  • Applying Kidpower strategies and skills to address specific problems of bullying, abuse, violence, and other child maltreatment.
  • Personal Safety issues and objectives  at different developmental stages

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Now available on Amazon and Kindle!

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