The Relationship Safety Skills Handbook

Stop domestic, dating, and interpersonal violence with knowledge, action, and skills

How do you protect yourself and others from relationship violence?
What are the danger signals I should look out for in dating or courting?

My daughter participated in a Fullpower program as part of a Victim’s Assistance program. It changed her life forever! She became empowered, confident, happier and has carried her lessons throughout her life. I’m so grateful!”

This empowering handbook is for victims of, or people at risk of, interpersonal, dating or domestic violence, and the support people in their lives, to learn ‘People Safety’ concepts and skills to help them prevent or stop future violence.
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“Learning the skills has enabled me to find my voice, and to learn how to set my own boundaries better – to be and act aware and safer, and to be more assertive, while still being respectful.”

The Relationship Safety Skills Handbook

Stop domestic, dating, and interpersonal violence with knowledge, action, and skills

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These skills and lessons prepare teens and adults to recognize what is and is not safe in a relationship and to know how to take charge of their emotional and physical safety. This book is designed to be used by victims and potential victims of relationship violence, as well as the support people in their lives. Support staff at organizations serving people at risk of, and those who have suffered from, relationship and domestic violence, can use this book as a tool to foster the integration of Kidpower’s ‘People Safety’ skills into their everyday work. This book can also be used directly with teens and adults affected by, or at increased risk of experiencing, emotional abuse or domestic violence. Cartoon-illustrated social stories and explanations provide an entertaining way to explain different concepts and skills.

Concepts and skills include:

  • Assessing what is safe and unsafe behavior in a relationship
  • Setting effective boundaries
  • Controlling emotional triggers
  • Taking the power out of verbal attack
  • Leaving a potentially dangerous situation as safely as possible
  • Verbal self-defense tactics
  • Getting help effectively
  • And lesson plans for how to teach these skills to others

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