Unlimited Adaptability Workbook

How to teach personal safety skills to people with disabilities and their allies

Unlimited Adaptability Workbook:

How to teach personal safety skills to people with disabilities and their allies

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In this Unlimited Adaptability Workbook, you will find a wide range of resources for protecting people with disabilities or special needs from bullying, abuse, and other maltreatment and for preparing them to take charge of their own safety and well being with themselves and others.

These positive and effective social-emotional safety strategies and skills are from Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International’s exceptional over 30 years track record in this field and include the following topics.

1. Adaptations and strategies to teaching personal safety and positive communication skills for people living with:autism, developmental or cognitive challenges; physical challenges (sight, hearing, movement); mental health challenges; and challenges with decreasing health or mobility due to age, accident, or illness.

2. Leadership strategies to increase the safety of people with special needs

3. How to deal positively with aggressive behavior

4. Protective factors and intervention tools to reduce or stop bullying, abuse, and other unsafe or disrespectful behavior

5. ‘People Safety’ Signals for Everyone, Everywhere

6. Cartoon- illustrated teaching guides of core personal safety skills

7. Personal safety issues in relation to age and intellectual developmental stages

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