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The Henrico County Police Division and the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond offer the following resources for Henrico County residents. Access to these resources is made possible through funding by the Hate Crimes Grant issued by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.

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Face Bullying with Confidence

8 skills from Kidpower to practice proven strategies to prevent and stop bullying. Practice for your own safety – or coach a child, student or group. Adults and youths use these skills to avoid or end bullying at school, at work, in their communities, online.

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Free access to the Face Bullying with Confidence course for Henrico County residents until October 31, 2022, by doing the following:

  1. Fill in your contact information.
  2. Enter the code Henrico-Safety22 in the ‘HAVE A COUPON?’ box.
  3. Click ‘REDEEM’ and your total will be $0.
  4. Click ‘BUY’ to complete. You will receive an email with the link to the course, so check your email, including the spam folder.


Safety Powers Program

Video lessons with captions, role-plays, and practice guides to help people of all ages with communication challenges to learn and practice ‘People Safety’ skills to have more fun and few difficulties with people.

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Mini Safety Lessons for Young Children

6 English pilot mini-lessons – Watch and tell us what you think! Short, entertaining and educational videos on safety for young children ages 3-7 and their adults.

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Parentpower: Prevent Sexual Abuse Without Scaring Kids

Learn Kidpower strategies to protect and empower kids and teens with skills to help keep them stay safe from abuse – without scaring them.

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School Shootings: How do we protect our kids?

Kidpower held an online program for adults called “School Shootings: How do we protect our kids?” The program had such a great response that we decided to make this webinar widely available. Subtitles available in English & Spanish!

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Poderes de Seguridad

Lecciones en video con subtítulos, juegos de roles y guías para personas de cualquier edad con dificultades comunicacionales aprendan habilidades de seguridad para divertirse más y tener menos problemas con los demás.

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Mini-Lecciones de seguridad para niños pequeños

¡Mira estas 6 mini-lecciones piloto en español y cuéntanos qué te parecen! Videos cortos, entretenidos y educativos sobre seguridad para niños de 3 a 7 años y sus adultos.

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30 Habilidades de seguridad de Kidpower

Aprende y enseña cómo practicar habilidades esenciales para la seguridad de los niños. Con cada video refuerza los conceptos y prácticas del manual.

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Tiroteos en las escuelas: ¿Cómo proteger a los niños?

“Tiroteos en las escuelas: ¿Cómo proteger a los niños?” es un webinar grabado de un programa online en vivo para adultos. ¡Disponible con subtítulos en inglés y en español!

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