The People Behind Our Success Kidpower's Central Office Staff and Senior Program Leaders

Central Office Staff Members

Central Office retreat to develop new outreach and marketing strategies.

Executive Director and Founder

Irene van der Zande

California Program Director

Erika Leonard

Director of Strategic Planning, Finance, and Grants

Ed van der Zande

Director of Web Communications

25th Year Kidpower International Conference

Beth McGreevy

Lead Program Coordinator

Ellen Frankel

Program Manager/Senior Instructor

Antonie Del Bonta

Program Coordinators/Instructors

Kidpower Training for Trainers

Denlin Doty
Amy Dahlen

Central Office Manager

Eamon Saki

Training & Curriculum Consultant

Amanda Golert, Director of Kidpower Sweden

Coordinator of School Implementation Project

Marylaine Léger, Director of Kidpower Montréal

Marketing Consultant

Claudia Newcorn, Acorn Enterprises

Kidpower Program Co-Founder

Timothy Dunphy

Kidpower International Senior Program Leaders are highly experienced instructors who have been with our organization for over 10 years and who have made significant contributions on a program level to the international organization as well as providing Kidpower services in their own communities. They volunteer their expertise to help develop programs, create curriculum, improve protective equipment, and uphold quality standards. They include:

Cornelia Baumgartner, Joe Connelly, Amanda Golert, Angela Hamilton, Mary Jane Hayes, Jan Isaacs Henry, Meredith Henry, Ryan Holmes, Chantal Keeney, Marylaine Léger, Erika Leonard, John Luna Sparks, Anne Mason, Beth McGreevy, Marc Meilleur, and Amy Tiemann.


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