Kidpower “Turning Problems into Practices” Coaching Conference Calls

Kidpower’s founder and executive director, Irene van der Zande, facilitates a regular 1-hour conference call, where she fields individual questions about building confidence and using intuition to make safe choices.

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9/28/2016 10am (PDT)Keeping the Kidpower Protection Promise: Seven Strategies for Keeping Our Children Safe – special for International Child Protection Month in September.
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This service is modeled from the countless times that Irene has offered organizations and people, who care deeply about children and keeping them safe, an opportunity to learn how to turn their specific concerns and problems into practices that build skills for safety.

The name, “Turning Problems into Practices” Coaching Conference Call, is inspired by the many requests Kidpower has received from parents, teachers, and organizations for phone coaching.

Over the years, many parents and professionals have asked for phone conferences with Irene and other Kidpower leaders to address specific questions or problems. The requests are so numerous, though, that it would be impossible to field so many individual calls.

That’s why Kidpower International offers a regular “Turning Problems into Practices” coaching conference call, where interested individuals can sign up to participate and ask their own questions to get help to solve a “people safety” problem.

“People who have trained with Irene have experienced first hand how her ability to ask the right questions and work through problems in the moment to show how to use Kidpower skills and strategies to practice safety skills can just “flick the switch” on something that had seemed too challenging to handle,” says Dr. Amy Tiemann, author of Mojo Mom and Center Co-Director for Kidpower North Carolina.


“Irene’s warmth and insight are truly exceptional and something I personally treasure having had access to on the conference call,” wrote a mom after a recent call.

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