Safety Skills for People With Communication Challenges

♥ Many thanks to our funding partner Ability Central

1 – Positive Communication

2 – Touch & Affection

3 – Protect Feelings

4 – Aware Calm Confidence

5 – Get Help For Safety

6 – Get Help In Public

7 – Think First

8 – Stranger Safety

9 – Positive Boundaries

10 – “Stop or Else…”

11 – Bullying Solutions

12 – Skills To Stop Bullying

13 – Advocate For Safety

14 – Safety Online

15 – Safety In Emergencies

Poderes de seguridad

What’s included in this program?

More safety for yourself and others

People of all ages with communication challenges together with the people that care for them can learn and practice ‘People Safety’ skills through a series of short lessons – which includes captioned videos, skills applied in real-life, both with and without the use of spoken language, as well as guidance for step-by-step skills practices.

‘People Safety’ Skills

Learn important skills you can use right away to help you — or a person you support, make a problem better instead of bigger, have better communication and healthier relationships.

Hands On Practices

Kidpower can help you practice your Safety Powers so these skills become safety habits and help you and the people you care about lead happier, safer lives.

We are grateful for the generous support of Ability Central, formerly known as the Disability Communications Fund (DCF). They have been making grants and collaborating with community leaders to improve communication and information access for people with disabilities since 2010.

Ability Central’s mission is to serve as an educator, convener, and resource that works collaboratively to ensure communications and information access in service of individuals who are D/deaf or disabled.
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