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Positive Skills-Based Education Resources and Training for Lifelong Safety and Confidence

The Kidpower Central Office provides curriculum development, training of instructors, quality assurance, and center development support for our services everywhere. Within California, we organize and teach workshops through offices in different communities.


Bullying Solutions

Kidpower’s Bullying Prevention and Positive Peer Communication Skills curriculum and training are based on the principle that everyone has the right to be treated with safety and respect and the responsibility to act safely and respectfully toward others.

Child Abuse Prevention

Stop sexual abuse with awareness, action, and skills: Boundary-setting and help-seeking skills for children and teens — Protection and advocacy skills for their adults.

Safety in Public

Kidpower teaches “stranger safety” and self-protection skills to empower young people to enjoy more independence and freedom. Prepare to be safe out in public and to escape violence and other problems with awareness and self-defense skills.

Child Protection Advocacy

Join our Global Movement to Protect & Empower Youth. Leadership in child protection curriculum and training – and promotion Child Protection Advocacy around the world – with special actions in September for International Child Protection Month!

Workshops & Professional Development Training

Learn how to use and teach skills for lifelong safety and confidence through our workshops, staff trainings, coaching, conference presentations, and professional development training programs.

Instructor Training

Join an international community of leaders who are committed to empowerment, personal safety, and violence prevention.

Center Development

Bring services to your community that will cause thousands of people to become more safer and confident.

Curriculum Development

Learn about our specialized initatives such as ‘Bullying Prevention and Positive Peer Interaction’ and ‘Vaccine Against Violence and Abuse.’

One Million Safer Kids Campaign

Join us in making at least One Million Kids safer from bullying, violence, and abuse by 2016 through greater awareness, action, and skills.

US & International Centers

We have active centers in North and South America, Western Europe, India, Vietnam, and New Zealand, as well as many affiliates.

Buy Books and Curriculum

Browse our RelationSafe Books

Our affordable safety comics, teaching books, handbooks, and program manuals prepare readers to bring Kidpower’s “People Safety” knowledge and skills into their daily lives.

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