In 2015, Sarah Dawson, ably supported by the Founding Board, Anthea Gargett, Lauren Jesberg, Jean Scott and Kirstin Sillitoe, established Kidpower Australia. Sarah was the first Centre Director for Kidpower Australia, and, in 2017, handed over leadership to Jo Condell and Adam Smith. As we continue to establish our center, we are driven by the Kidpower International vision of helping to create cultures of respect, safety, and kindness in all communities so everyone has the skills to use their own power to stay safe, act wisely, and believe in themselves!

Our Team

Jo-Anne Condell

Jo lives in Sydney and completed her Teenpower Fullpower certification training in April 2017, and the Kidpower certification training in January, 2018. Jo’s background is in primary school education, and she has been involved as a carer in disability support for the past 20 years. Jo discovered Kidpower whilst searching the internet looking for strategies and skills to help keep people with disabilities safer when they are out and about independently in the community. Jo’s strong belief that the Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower everyday safety skills are invaluable for everyone – children, teenagers and adults of all abilities, is what motivated her to complete the training and to continue practising to become a certified instructor.

What resonated with me first when I started reading about Kidpower was seeing how the safety skills are built upon evidence-based research, and how empowering and easy to learn they are. Effective communication and knowing how to set boundaries are an integral part of the programmes and the organisation, and it is wonderful seeing people of all ages learn skills that will not only build belief in ourselves, but also improve meaningful relationships in our lives, and help to keep us safer!

~ Jo-Anne Condell, Kidpower Australia Co-Director

Jo and partner George, who volunteers in administration for Kidpower Australia.

Adam Smith

Kidpower Safety Comics Front Cover

Adam lives in Sydney. He completed Teenpower – Fullpower training in 2017 and completed the Kidpower and Emergency Self Defence Suit Instructor training in 2018. Adam’s background is in the health and fitness industry, working as a Personal Trainer and Level 3 Neuro Kinetic Therapist.

Kidpower was introduced to Adam in 2016 and he was immediately taken by the comprehensive approach the program uses, along with it extensive online help network and support libraries.

After completing the training, I was inspired to have seen how easily age groups from 3 years and up can absorb and use the skills taught. In my opinion, true safety, both physical and emotional, comes from empowering the individual to take control. Kidpower most certainly teaches that.

~ Adam Smith, Kidpower Australia Co-Director


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