Kidpower Chicago

Kidpower Chicago has been serving the Chicago area and the Midwestern United States for nineteen years, offering self-protection and people-safety skills training to people of all ages and abilities. A center for Kidpower International, Kidpower Chicago offers Kidpower, Teenpower and Fullpower workshops as well as Assertiveness Training. These programs are available through private and public workshops, corporate-sponsored events and school curriculums.

Safety is for everyone. The Kidpower materials can be tailored for special-needs populations and people facing difficult life challenges that place them at increased risk for violence or abuse. Kidpower Chicago has provided quality, long-term programming to local therapeutic colleges, high schools and hospitals. Visit the Kidpower Chicago website to learn more.

Kidpower Chicago
P.O. Box 606
Wilmette, IL 60091

Phone: 1-847-677-3157
Contact: Joe Connelly
Position: Center Director
Email: [email protected]


Traveling Instructors for Private Group Workshops

Kidpower instructors lead comprehensive learning experiences with skill, compassion, and humor. If you live far from a Center but want Kidpower training for a group, please email [email protected]! We look forward to exploring what arrangement could work for your group and for Kidpower.

If you are not able to organize a private group workshop, please consider traveling to an existing center for a workshop or contacting us for long-distance consultations via video conference. You might also consider starting a center in your community!

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