Kidpower Chicago

Joe Connelly, Kidpower Chicago Director

Our Kidpower Chicago Center, also known as Kidpower Great Lakes, was established in 1991 by Martial Artist Joe Connelly and Martial Artist and Massage Therapist Anne Mason to serve the greater Chicago area, offering self-protection and People Safety skills training to people of all ages and abilities through private and public workshops, corporate-sponsored events, organizations, and schools. Joe also serves the international organization as a Senior Program Leader.

Kidpower Chicago is currently working on Bullying awareness and prevention programs that can be done for large groups in a presentation format while remaining interactive and hands-on. We provide community workshops as well as programs designed for specific organizations and their populations. Kidpower concepts and skills are part of the children’s martial art curriculum at Connelly’s Academy.

Safety is for everyone! The Kidpower materials can be tailored for special-needs populations and people facing difficult life challenges that place them at increased risk for violence or abuse. Kidpower Chicago has provided quality, long-term programming to local therapeutic colleges, high schools and hospitals.

Success Stories

After completing the course, I was thrilled with all I learned, but was afraid I might not retain the skills. The theory of ‘you do what you practice’ is accurate and [in a recent situation] I did exactly what we practiced in class. I was prepared to use the tools necessary to keep myself safe. I think that everyone should participate in this training. It is obvious to me that these situations are a part of the society we live in, and everyone should learn to take action when they happen.

Last week I was in a retail store shopping, when a man approached me and began behaving in a lewd and offensive manner. I moved away to another part of the store, and this man proceeded to follow me. He continued this intimidating behavior while moving closer to me. I was then able to use the tools acquired from the FullPower class to set a clear and effective boundary with my voice and physical stance. This attracted the attention of the security personnel who then escorted the man out of the building.

Although it has been four months since the class, both of my daughters bring up information from the KidPower class that applies to their daily lives. They frequently use the strategies for dealing with name calling at school as well as at home.

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