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Carol Middleton, co-founder, long-time Kidpower Advisor and Instructor first brought Kidpower to the Washington D.C. area in 1990, and one of her students, Kim Leisey, started our Chesapeake and Potomac Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Carol has incorporated Kidpower lessons in her Karate school, taught Kidpower workshops in Kenya and in her community, and shared our articles with her members, providing Kidpower skills and knowledge to over 500 children and their adults. In addition, during Special Training, she introduced our program to over 80 self-defense instructors at a national conference.

Kidpower is a huge resource for kids and others worldwide. Many years of research and careful thought have gone into the basic skills and how to teach them. No other source even comes close in terms of comprehensive information and teacher training, and the resources are shared freely.

~ Carol Middleton, Kidpower DC Director

Success Story

One Friday afternoon, our nanny was walking with our children in one of the D.C. Metro stations. There was a miscommunication between our nanny and the kids. The kids jumped onto one of the trains at the last minute, the doors closed, our nanny could not get on, and the train left!


Thanks to their training, our children did not panic. Our son (barely 5) found a responsible-looking adult, explained what happened and that they needed help. The nice man used the emergency intercom to alert the train driver of the situation; Metro police met our kids at the next stop; and our daughter remembered her mother’s cell phone number and gave it to the Metro police! Our nanny met up with them and everybody was fine.


Everything they learned – keeping calm; finding a responsible-looking adult to ask for help; and memorizing their parents’ phone numberwere all tools they have learned from you.

~ Mother of 2 after Kidpower class in DC

Contact Info:

Carol Middleton, Kidpower DC Director


Practicing stopping unwanted touch in Kenya

Practicing resisting emotional coercion

Practicing staying out of reach from a grumpy person

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