Kidpower France

Kidpower France center is taking root in Paris since 2013. Kidpower activities are getting traction thanks to 10,000 Euros of seed money generously donated by a long time friend of the center’s director and founder. Her friend saw Kidpower in action and wished to support its reach in France.

In addition to organizing workshops for all ages, both public and private, this center offers almost weekly ‘Kidpower Coffee Club’ meetings, a successful initiative. Kidpower volunteers gather once a week to work at supporting their reach in France, like the development of their new website and maintaining an active social media presence. Part of these meetings are also open to the public as a ‘drop-in’ conference opportunity where guests can learn safety skills to share with their loved ones.

Kidpower France also took part in the 11th edition of Kidexpo 2017 in Paris, a highly visited family event held during a school break with over 175,000 visitors a year. Kidpower workshops were taught every day of this 5-day event as well holding a Kidpower booth.

Contact Information

Kidpower France  

Contact: TuTrinh Dufreney
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +33 (0)1 83 75 40 32

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