Kidpower India was established by Dr. Vempadapu Venkata Ramana, an internationally known advocate for children’s rights, to bring Kidpower to children, teens, and young adults throughout India, especially those most at risk. Praveen Vempadapu has served as Centre Director since 2009, and has been joined by Educator Sobha Rani as an Instructor and by Sneha Mayekar, who serves Associate Centre Director for children and their families in Mumbai.

Our Team

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Praveen Vempadapu, Center Director

Praveen Vempadapu is the Secretary and Director of Kidpower. He has a Masters in Development Studies from Institute of Social Studies, The Hague.

Kidpower Safety Comics Front Cover

Sobha Rani, Instructor

Sobha Rani is a teacher by training and works full time with Kidpower India. Both Praveen and Sobha are trained in USA on how to conduct safety workshops effectively and work with children as well as teens and adults.

Kidpower Safety Comics Front Cover

Sneha Mayekar, Associate Center Director

Sneha Mayekar has more than 10 years of experience in marketing, sales and cross functional management (legal, medical and regulatory) in the healthcare industry. Her passion for “People Safety” with special focus on children safety led her to take training from Kidpower International and become a full time certified trainer. She conducts workshops in corporate companies and schools in Mumbai.

Dr. Vempadapu Venkata Ramana, founder of ARDAR and of Kidpower India


Kidpower Safety Comics Front Cover

Girl Power: Be Confident

Many teenage girls and women have to deal with the crippling effects of peer pressure, bullying, harassment, violence, and abuse, which can have a severe effect on their health, social, and academic skill development.

The book Girl Power: Be Confident aims to equip teenage girls and women with knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences to keep themselves emotionally and physically safe; help forge new patterns in social interaction; promote healthy life styles and choices; and overcome other barriers in reaching their highest social, physical, and intellectual potential by building their boundary-setting, self-advocacy, and positive peer interaction skills in a way that is effective, not fear-based, positive, and fun.

Child Safety training for Nethra School for Visually Challenged

Nethra Vidyalaya is a residential school for visually challenge located in a scenic coastal district of Vishakapatnam. On the shores of Bay of Bengal, the visually challenged children in the school campus enjoy studying, playing, dancing, singing and more. Sobha taught Kidpower to 40 girls with visual challenges over 2 workshops. Kidpower felt a great necessity of training these girls as they are more prone to abuse due to their challenge.

Parent Workshop on Child Safety in Opp Singhania High School, Thane

An interactive session with parents who joined Kidpower presenter, Sneha, to learn about how to take charge of their children’s safety

Child Safety training for Asian Aid school children

Asian Aid School for the Blind is situated in the outskirts of Bobbili town of Vizianagaram district. The school campus is a very big one with 11 acres of land, with planned buildings for the visually challenged children residential stay and their schooling. Sobha taught Kidpower Everyday Safety skills to 40 children of the 160+ students with visual impairments.


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