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Kidpower North Carolina

Kidpower Executive Director Irene van der Zande and Kidpower North Carolina Center Director Dr. Amy Tiemann

Kidpower North Carolina serves the entire Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Triangle metropolitan area. We provide workshops for families, preschools, schools, and youth organizations, as well as parent groups and professionals. Most of our workshops are organized privately.

We can occasionally travel to other parts of North Carolina as well, by special arrangement. Parent Education is a special interest of our Center Director Dr. Amy Tiemann, who has a background in education and psychology. Parent Education is a great way to introduce Kidpower to your community because it can accommodate a larger group, so you can teach the foundational concepts of Kidpower to your entire adult community–parents, teachers, caregivers, school leaders–in one session.

Visit the Kidpower North Carolina website to learn more.

Contact Information

Kidpower North Carolina Center
1289 N. Fordham Blvd, #333
Chapel Hill, NC 27514Phone: (919) 747-3771
Contact: Amy Tiemann
Position: Center Director


Traveling Instructors for Private Group Workshops

Kidpower instructors lead comprehensive learning experiences with skill, compassion, and humor. If you live far from a Center but want Kidpower training for a group, please email! We look forward to exploring what arrangement could work for your group and for Kidpower.

If you are not able to organize a private group workshop, please consider traveling to an existing center for a workshop or contacting us for long-distance consultations via video conference. You might also consider starting a center in your community!

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