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Our representative in Vietnam for many years has been Ms. Phùng Bích Thuỷ. She has led workshops in schools, especially those serving children with disabilities and has translated some of our materials and handouts into Vietnamese. Recently Thuỷ introduced Kidpower to Olympica Schools in Hanoi, which is training their staff, students, and families in Kidpower and also sharing our program with other educators in Vietnam.

The staff of this progressive school received training for their families from Phung Bich Thuy, our Kidpower instructor in Vietnam, a few years ago and is now taking leadership in bringing Kidpower to Vietnam far more widely than is possible for Thuy.

They sent their program director, Nga Phoung Hoai, and a board member and their lower school director, Ly Vu Thi Dieu, to our Fullpower Core Program Training and are working with us to translate our materials into Vietnamese and to continue their training and also plan to sponsor the Kidpower Vietnam Center.

The first lesson I learned from Kidpower is that you will do a much better job of teaching safety to others if you feel safe inside yourself. When I got upset with my roommate during the Reaching Out Conference in Montreal, I felt that I needed to be polite and not say anything at first. Irene noticed that there was something wrong with me and asked. I remember her telling me, “Your feelings are important, and you need to speak up about what makes you uncomfortable so that you feel safe.”

After that, I spoke to my roommate. We made a plan that worked for both of us, and we had a great time at the conference. Since then, Kidpower has helped me many times in my life. Even though I have a full-time job and a family now, I feel happy in sharing what I’ve learned with others and plan to keep on working towards establishing Kidpower Vietnam.

~ Thuy Phung,

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Traveling Instructors for Private Group Workshops

Kidpower instructors lead comprehensive learning experiences with skill, compassion, and humor. If you live far from a Center but want Kidpower training for a group, please email! We look forward to exploring what arrangement could work for your group and for Kidpower.

If you are not able to organize a private group workshop, please consider traveling to an existing center for a workshop or contacting us for long-distance consultations via video conference. You might also consider starting a center in your community!

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