Propower: Sexual Abuse Prevention

Thursday, March 24th, 2022 from 11am-12pm PST via Zoom

This is an online program for educators, parents, & other caring adults.

Learn skills and strategies to protect children from sexual abuse without scaring them, destroying their trust, or explaining sexual abuse.

Skills include:

  • Understanding and coaching positive consent for play and affection
  • How to integrate Kidpower boundary and consent rules into your daily life
  • Understanding the safety rules for private areas
  • Understanding the 5 Levels of Intrusion™
  • Talking about safety lies as well as “safe” and “unsafe” secrets.
  • Tips for assessing child care providers – Choosing Safe People to Care for your Children
  • Setting or insisting on policies that are clearly understood and consistently applied by everyone
  • Recognizing potentially unsafe or inappropriate behavior
  • Intervening to stop problems
  • Teaching safety rules and skills to children in ways that are age-appropriate and fun rather than scary or confusing
  • Reinforcing the safety skills in daily life

This US$60 program includes one-on-one support by email with questions before and after the workshop as well as links to resources – including 30-day access to a video recording of a similar program – to help you and your family apply, adapt, and practice the skills.

Workshop Fee: $60/screen
Pre-registration is required as there is limited space.

Donations over the amount of workshop fees are tax-deductible. We do not turn anyone away from our workshops for lack of money. Scholarship information is available.

Because practicing together greatly increases the ability to use the skills taught in real life, we strongly recommend that you keep your video and microphone on and practice along with the instructor.

Upon registering, participants will receive a confirmation email with the meeting link.

The instructor’s presentation may be recorded for Kidpower use. Participants will not be recorded.

Instructor will stay up to 30 minutes after the end of the workshop to answer questions and practice skills.