Gallery of Flyers

A selection from the many created for partners organizing workshops privately

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Kidpower online programs are dynamic, interactive, and never ‘scripted’. Each one is unique – because each group is unique.

While every program uses Kidpower’s distinctive, proven methodology and teaches adapted versions of Kidpower’s core skills – such as boundary-setting and advocacy – the examples, scenarios, and applications vary based on the ages, needs, life situations, and priorities of the group.

The cost of each workshop includes pre-assessment – and it’s in this pre-assessment phase that we begin asking questions, listening, and asking more questions to learn as much as we can about a group, their concerns, and their priorities.

We create first drafts of flyers during this pre-assessment process as we work with partners to clarify what they most want out of their Kidpower experience. We ask for their feedback, listen more, and create new drafts until they are happy with their flyer. The process gives us even more opportunities to listen and learn from them – well before we lead their programs.

Many flyers in this gallery are similar. None are identical. We develop them as thoughtfully as we develop the programs they describe. We will do the same for you.

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