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As kids in many parts of the world are starting a new school year, we have been flooded with requests for help with bullying. People are saying:

Silhouette of hands making a heart next to Protecting Our Kids from Bullying workshop infoHelp! Our child is being bullied at school
Help! Our kids are having trouble getting along!
Help! How can we make our schools safe for everyone?

In response, I am leading a special live, donation-based online program Protecting Our Kids from Bullying Thursday, October 13, 5-6pm PT via Zoom for educators, parents, and other caring adults. I invite you to join me!

Together, we will learn and practice how to:

Advocate effectively to find solutions to bullying problems
Intervene respectfully and powerfully to stop unsafe or disrespectful behavior
Teach boundary and positive communication skills to help develop safe and strong relationships

When you register, you will have the opportunity to ask specific questions that we can address either during the program or afterwards. Instead of charging a fee, we are requesting that participants make a donation that works well for their budget to help ensure that our services are available to people regardless of their ability to pay.

After the program, you’ll receive a follow-up email with links to extensive educational resources including posters, articles, and safety tips and to self-paced online courses addressing topics such as child protection, emotional safety, managing triggers, and positive strategies for helping children to manage aggression. You’ll also receive a coupon for the Face Bullying With Confidence course that shows how to teach 8 skills to stop bullying.

To learn skills side-by-side with your child, consider enrolling in one of our upcoming Familypower Online Programs:

Familypower: Boundary Skills for ages 7-12 with their adults
Saturday, October 8, 10-11am PT

Familypower: Starting Strong for ages 3-7 with their adults
Saturday, October 15, 10-11am PT

Familypower: Online Safety for ages 9-14 with their adults
Wednesday, October 19, 4-5pm

The skills you’ll learn side-by-side with your child in Familypower are skills that can help them be safe from bullying as well as abuse and other harm.


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Published: October 5, 2022   |   Last Updated: October 5, 2022

Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International is a global nonprofit leader dedicated to protecting people of all ages and abilities from bullying, violence, and abuse by empowering them with awareness, knowledge, and skills. Since, 1989, Kidpower has served millions of children, teenagers, and adults, including those with special needs, through its positive and practical workshops, extensive free online Library, consultation, and publications. Instead of using fear to teach about danger, Kidpower makes it fun to learn to be safe! Our K-12 curriculum is used by families, schools, and youth organizations for their own child safety programs. Publications include: Bullying: What Adults Need to Know and Do to Keep Kids Safe, the Relationship Safety Skills Handbook for Teens and Adults, The Kidpower Book for Caring Adults: Personal Safety, Self-Protection, Confidence, and Advocacy for Young People, and our cartoon-illustrated Safety Comics series and Introductory Curriculum for Educators.