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Yesterday, I was very moved to hear that María Gisella Gámez, Director of Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower Argentina, is teaching our emotional safety skills in Spanish to help very stressed staff in nursing homes cope with their upset patients and families.

Please join us and tell your friends, family and colleagues about our new
Fullpower Emotional Safety Skills Webinar with live skills demos TODAY at noon and 6 pm Pacific time
(in California- check the World Clock for your local time) for adults and teens. I will share stories, skills, and strategies about how to recognize and manage our emotional triggers during this intense and challenging time. With live demos with our Kidpower North Carolina Director MJ Hayes and Senior Instructor Jared Hayes, we will practice 8 emotional safety techniques to protect your own feelings and to teach others you want to support.


Each of our webinars and online workshops in the past two weeks has gotten better than the last as we are learning how to teach online the skills and strategies we’ve developed over the past 30 years that have prepared millions of people of all ages, abilities, and walks of life worldwide to use:

  • emotional safety skills to protect their feelings
  • boundary-setting skills to address unsafe or disrespectful behavior
  • advocacy skills to protect the well being of themselves and others
  • conflict resolution skills to work out problems with each other

We are hearing from people all over the world about how helpful they found our first series of Fullpower webinars – and we are excited to keep providing new and better online resources to help families, kids, and everyone stay emotionally and physically safe during this pandemic – and throughout their lives. 

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Published: April 2, 2020   |   Last Updated: April 2, 2020

Kidpower Founder and Executive Irene van der Zande is a master at teaching safety through stories and practices and at inspiring others to do the same. Her child protection and personal safety expertise has been featured by USA Today, CNN, Today Moms, the LA Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Publications include: cartoon-illustrated Kidpower Safety Comics and Kidpower Teaching Books curriculum; Bullying: What Adults Need to Know and Do to Keep Kids Safe; the Relationship Safety Skills Handbook for Teens and Adults; Earliest Teachable Moment: Personal Safety for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers; The Kidpower Book for Caring Adults: Personal Safety, Self-Protection, Confidence, and Advocacy for Young People, and the Amazon Best Seller Doing Right by Our Kids: Protecting Child Safety at All Levels.