“Too Small and Too Precious” A Personal Story About Kidpower’s ‘Put Safety First’ Founding Principle

My husband Ed and I have enjoyed many vacations in Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Parks in California, an area full of beautiful mountains and a great deal of wildlife, including bears. The Illusion of Safety can make it hard to recognize potential danger. A serene setting, familiarity, tiredness, or overwhelm can cause us to […]

How to Stop Negativity from Diminishing our Lives 10 Lessons from Kidpower Founder, Irene van der Zande

Let me tell you about a New Year’s resolution from 1994 that I’ve managed (mostly) to keep. Late in December 1993, I was getting my new 1994 weekly calendar ready: writing in appointments, project deadlines, and birthdays, thinking about the year ahead, musing on what I wanted to do differently. I came to the realization […]