You. Are. Awesome.

Thanks to the donations of many supporters just like you, we successfully broke through our $25,000 end of year fundraising goal and all your individual donations in December 2019 were matched for a total of $57,000! Here’s just a few examples of the many ways in which your donations are enabling Kidpower to reach and […]

The Multiplier Effect = Greater Safety for Millions

Did you know? Thanks to donations from people like you, Kidpower has helped 100s of schools, organizations, and companies with our expert consulting, training, and curriculum development, so that they can effectively use the safety skills and strategies we teach in their own important services.

These collaborations lead to what we call the “Multiplier Effect” which furthers our reach exponentially. Why? Because millions more youth and their adults can gain greater safety and confidence through access to our vital safety skills, positive practice teaching approach, and promoting inclusiveness.