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Learn to Empower Teens & Adults to Take Charge of Their Safety! Apply Now for Our April 2020 Teen/Fullpower Instructor Certification & Core Skills Training

Did You Know Kidpower Isn’t Just for Kids? The news is full of stories of teens and adults suffering trauma that we know can be avoided and stopped most of the time with the skills and strategies we teach in our Teenpower and Fullpower programs! These skills also help students to develop safe and strong relationships that add joy and meaning to their lives.

YOU CAN BRING Kidpower’s teen and adult programs to middle and high schools, senior centers, life-skills programs for people with disabilities, workplaces, and out into your communities. Apply Now for our bi-annual Teenpower/Fullpower Instructor Certification and Core Skills Training (CST) in Santa Cruz, CA, April 23-28, 2020. Don’t delay – the next training is in 2022!

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