Please take 3 minutes to watch our new Pridepower preview video:

This video shows the scope, value, and spirit of this powerful online resource.

It captures the “moment of truth” when teens and adults use positive communication, boundaries, emotional safety, and target denial skills to prevent and solve challenging relationship and personal safety problems.

Although the short Pridepower video lessons address specific topics for the LGBTQIA+ community, the issues and skills are universal – such as how to speak up respectfully and powerfully in a confrontation, how to advocate for a friend or neighbor, how to stay loving with an upset parent, how to set boundaries with a boss, how to stay safe in public, and more.

This potentially life-saving resource is available without cost online to people worldwide thanks to the generosity of our benefactor Robert Holgate, who says, “Pridepower would have helped me so much when I was growing up in a small town of 250 people – and I am so glad you have it now.”

Again, please take 3 minutes to watch the Pridepower Preview – and another 3 minutes to share with others.

Since 1989, Kidpower International has been dedicated to providing effective skills and knowledge that prepare ALL people to choose safety, kindness, respect, and hope for themselves and others – especially in hard times.

The donations of people like YOU, in ANY amount, help make it possible for us to keep reaching out to those most in need, including children, families struggling with poverty, people with disabilities, and individuals facing harmful prejudice and discrimination.

Your support powers our work – and we are grateful.

Please donate today! All gifts through December 31 will be DOUBLED by our Leadership Circle.

AND – to view and sign up for the Pridepower program without cost, go to learn.kidpower/pridepower


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Published: December 14, 2023   |   Last Updated: December 14, 2023

Kidpower Founder and Executive Irene van der Zande is a master at teaching safety through stories and practices and at inspiring others to do the same. Her child protection and personal safety expertise has been featured by USA Today, CNN, Today Moms, the LA Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Publications include: cartoon-illustrated Kidpower Safety Comics and Kidpower Teaching Books curriculum; Bullying: What Adults Need to Know and Do to Keep Kids Safe; the Relationship Safety Skills Handbook for Teens and Adults; Earliest Teachable Moment: Personal Safety for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers; The Kidpower Book for Caring Adults: Personal Safety, Self-Protection, Confidence, and Advocacy for Young People, and the Amazon Best Seller Doing Right by Our Kids: Protecting Child Safety at All Levels.