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The six new books in our Kidpower Teaching Book series make it easy and fun for educators, parents, and other adult leaders to use our “People Safety” curriculum with children and youth in their classrooms, youth programs, and families.  (Stay tuned for our school and organizational packages that will include training for professionals to effectively teach and practice skills to keep kids safe.)

Each book contains cartoon-illustrated lessons from Kidpower’s exceptional curriculum with explanations, stories, skill practice coaching guides, and Kidpower Safety Signals. Each book in the series presents set of social-emotional skills that can prevent most bullying, abuse, kidnapping, and other violence in ways that are age-appropriate, upbeat, emotionally safe, inclusive of kids with disabilities – and not scary. These People Safety skills also help young people to develop strong relationships that enrich their lives. The six books are now available on Amazon. Each of the six books in the series can stand on its own, as well as be used in combination with the other Teaching Books. Here are the new titles:

TB 1 Thumbnail - HIRESBook 1. Use Your Power To Prevent and Stop Trouble: How to use your body and voice to take charge of your safety

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Knowing how to use the power of your body and voice can help to reduce conflict and to protect yourself from an assault. Instead of using fear to teach kids about violence prevention, Kidpower makes it FUN to learn to stay safe.

Lessons include:

  • Acting Aware, Calm, and Respectfully Confident
  • Moving Away From Trouble
  • Being Powerful with Your Voice and Body
  • Different Ways of Using Your Personal Power

TB 2 Thumbnail - HIRESBook 2. Be Safe With Feelings and Words: How to feel safe and act safely from the inside out

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No matter how old or young we are, emotional safety skills can help to reduce a lot of conflict and prevent a lot of suffering – not to mention improving our communications and relationships.

Lessons include:

  • Keeping Out Hurting Words and Letting in Compliments
  • Being Safe With What You Stay to Others
  • Being Safe With What You Say to Yourself
  • Different Tools for Protecting Your Feelings

TB 3 Thumbnail - HIRESBook 3. Check First and Think First: How to stay safe with strangers and people you know

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After promoting positive messages widely for over a quarter of a century, we are glad that many safety programs now use Kidpower’s Check First and Stranger Safety language rather than giving children confusing and scary messages like: “Don’t talk to strangers!” and “Stranger Danger!” Believing that the world is full of dangerous people they don’t know and must never talk to does not make kids safer – it just makes them anxious. Kidpower’s Positive Practice Teaching Method prepares kids to to handle difficult and potentially dangerous situations in ways that help to increase confidence, reduce worry, and develop competence.

Lessons include:

  • Noticing When You are Together or On Your Own
  • Understanding and Using Kidpower’s Stranger Safety Rules
  • Thinking First To Assess What Is and Is Not Safe
  • Checking First Before You Go Even With People You Know

TB 4 Thumbnail - HIRESBook 4. Get Help When You Have A Problem: How to make safety plans for everywhere you go

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When young people understand and have practiced a safety plan for how to get help everywhere they go, they are far more likely to get help sooner rather than later, which can prevent many upsetting or potentially dangerous problems from getting bigger.

Lessons include:

  • Knowing Where Safety Is If You Need Help
  • When To Wait and When to Interrupt
  • The Difference Between Tattling and Telling
  • Persisting in Getting Help From Busy, Impatient Adults
  • What to Do If You Are Lost or Bothered

TB 5 Thumbnail - HIRESBook 5. Be Safe With Touch, Teasing, and Play: How to set boundaries with people you know

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Kidpower’s boundary-setting skills and strategies help to protect kids from most child abuse, bullying, and other violence – and prepare them to develop strong relationships that can enrich their lives.

Lessons include:

  • Understanding Personal Boundaries
  • What Is and Is Not Your Choice
  • Safety Rules About Private Areas
  • Safe Surprises and Unsafe Secret
  • Safe Trades and Unsafe Bribes
  • Recognizing what is and is not safe and stopping inappropriate touch

TB 6 Thumbnail - HIRESBook 6. Stop Bullying by Taking Charge of Safety: How to keep yourself and other kids safe from bullying – Advance Reader Edition

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Stopping bullying requires that adult leaders make it a priority to teach and coach the ongoing use of People Safety skills and strategies in daily life. Our goal is to prepare children and teens to take action to:

  • protect their well being
  • stay in charge of their own behavior
  • advocate for the safety of other kids

This Advance Reader Edition brings together some of Kidpower’s most requested resources for bullying solutions into one book.

Lessons include:

  • Noticing When Bullying Is Happening
  • What Each of Us Can Do to Prevent Bullying
  • Cyberbullying and Internet Safety
  • Developing Positive Peer Relationships

Coming this summer, we will be publishing our new Fullpower  Teaching Books for Teens and Adults – a set of six cartoon-illustrated manuals with explanations and social stories along with lesson plans and coaching guides

Healthy Relationships Interactive Resources for Older Teens and Adults With Intellectual Disabilities – with a teacher’s guide, 3 student workbooks, posters, and interactive CDs from our New Zealand Center

Fullpower Comprehensive Curriculum Teaching Books in Cartoons and Basic Language for Teens and Adults

Six books! Dozens of Teaching Stories! Lesson plans and Coaching Guides! Over 400 pages of material!

A resource for educators, counselors, law enforcement officials, and other professionals as well as for concerned family members and individuals who want to learn about personal safety.

Hundreds of pages of cartoon-illustrated explanations, teaching stories, and directions on how to practice!

“I got this for my high school class, but I could not believe how much I learned about boundaries for myself! Practicing these skills has changed my life.”

“The language is simple. The concepts are profound.”

The Fullpower Teaching Books are a set of six manuals using black-and-white cartoons and basic language to explain personal safety concepts and skills to teens and adults. The humorous stories and clear directions make it easy and fun to introduce and practice personal skills in classrooms and other group settings. The situations described are appropriate for teens and adults who are at times out in public independently or home alone.

Topics covered include: Safety with Feelings and Words, Being Powerful to be Safe, Safety with Touch and Teasing, Getting Help to be Safe, Checking and Thinking First to be Safe (includes Safety with Strangers) and Using Personal Safety Everywhere You Go – with family, with friends, at home, at school, at work, and in the community (includes bullying prevention).

Although no physical self defense is included in this publication, these skills can prepare people to protect themselves from most bullying, harassment, molestation, assault and abduction.

The simple explanations and clear drawings were first designed for people with developmental delays or whose first language is not English. However, the concepts and skills have proved to be relevant to teens or adults regardless of their abilities from a wide range of cultures around the world.

Price: $75.00 USD

We are in the process of creating an improved set of Fullpower Curriculum Teaching Books with a nicer cover, updated content, and new curriculum. These will be published through Amazon this Summer and will be able to be purchased singly as well as in a set. If you don’t want to wait, many people have been happy with the older version of our Teaching Book sets. However, because we only mail a few of these a year, we need to add a shipping and handling fee of $30 USD per set of books to the price plus additional postage to some international locations.  To order, please contact

All income from books sales goes to help our nonprofit organization cover the cost of publication and of providing educational resources.

Healthy Relationships Interactive Resources for Adults and Older Teens with Intellectual Disabilities

This valuable resource developed by our New Zealand Center includes a programme kit with a teacher’s guide, 3 student workbooks, posters, and interactive CDs utilizing cartoons from the Fullpower Teaching Kits above. Entertaining stories make it easy to assess what is and is not safe, and to learn how to say stop. It is available in both a hard copy and an online version. Visit our New Zealand Center for more information.

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