The Kidpower Book for Caring Adults

How do you take charge of the safety of young people in your care?
How do you prepare children and teens to take charge of their own well being?

I LOVE it! I have been teaching my own kids using it as a guide. It seems that you are giving the gift of the whole Kidpower program to each person who buys this book, and to the children who will benefit.”

The Kidpower Book - A comprehensive guide to personal safety, self-protection, confidence and advocacy skills for young people.This inspiring, comprehensive guide puts Kidpower’s decades of proven expertise into the hands of parents, educators, and all adults who care about kids and are seeking practical solutions.
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“As a public safety officer, I strongly believe that a great deal of violence, including bullying and abuse, could be prevented if everyone had these skills.”

The Kidpower Book for Caring Adults

The Kidpower Book front coverAvailable now on Amazon in Paperback and digitally in the Kidpower Online Learning Center!

This easy-to-use and comprehensive guide puts Kidpower’s decades of experience at the fingertips of parents and all adults who care about protecting children and teens from bullying, abuse, abduction, and other violence – and prepares them to empower young people with skills and knowledge for developing positive relationships, increasing confidence, and taking charge of their emotional and physical safety.

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Over 400 pages of inspiring stories, hands-on activities, and clear explanations are provided through the following chapters:

  • What Adults Need to Know About “People Safety” for Kids
  • Creating a Foundation of Emotional Safety for Young People
  • Five Key Self-Protection Strategies for Preventing Trouble
  • Safety Plans to Prepare for the Unexpected
  • Boundaries and Advocacy to Build Better Relationships
  • Self-Defense to Stop Most Emergencies
  • Protecting Young People From Bullying
  • Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse
  • Protecting Kids from Abduction and Teaching Stranger Safety
  • The Safety of Kids is Everybody’s Business – How to Intervene
  • One Million Safer Kids – A Call to Action From Kidpower

Comments From Readers

Gavin de Becker, best-selling author of The Gift of Fear and Protecting the Gift, who wrote the foreword:  “I recommend Kidpower as a strong foundation of every family’s personal safety training. I’ve been fortunate to serve as an Advisor to Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International for almost 20 years. That commitment began as I watched kids at a workshop, saw them joyfully and successfully taught to practice skills that can keep them safe, and I felt intuitively ‘This is right.’”

Carol Middleton, Co-Founder of the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation and Director of the DC Self-Defense Karate Association: Irene van der Zande has written a virtual encyclopedia on how to keep children and teens safe. Every parent should have this, both for the practical and carefully researched information and for the clear drills that any caring adults can use to practice safety skills with their child. I also highly recommend this book as an excellent resource for martial artists and self-defense instructors wanting to build or enhance their programs for child and teen safety skills. I’ve been in this business for decades and have never seen anything that can come close to Irene’s well thought-out and child-friendly approach, and it is well-written and engaging to boot! The layout, photos, and illustrations are the icing on the cake that make it even easier to read. Kudos on a really great and ever-so-important book.”

Dr. Amy Tiemann, Author of MojoMom and Creator of Courageous Parents, Confident Kid: Letting Go So You Both Can Grow, and Co-Creator of Doing Right by Our Kids: Incorporating Kidpower skills into my family’s daily lives has helped me raise a child who is independent and prepared to explore the world with safety and confidence.  Now all families can access this knowledge through “The Kidpower Book,” a resource that is chock-full of practical safety skills and strategies, presented in a very accessible format.  Kidpower empowers adults to teach these skills to kids in a way that is both effective and emotionally safe, not scary.  This book is a treasure-trove of information, and I am proud to give Kidpower my highest personal and professional recommendation.”

Ellen Bass, Co-Author of The Courage to Heal & Heal Your Mind: “As someone who has worked with thousands of survivors of child abuse, I particularly recommend the Kidpower Method because of its excellent balance of building self worth while focusing on prevention skills to set appropriate boundaries. Kidpower’s upbeat approach empowers kids and adults alike with the social-emotional skills they need, not just to be safe, but to thrive. Kidpower’s commitment to integrity, respect, effectiveness, and excellence is reflected throughout this book.”

Manny Solano, Police Chief, City of Watsonville: “Kidpower has an outstanding track record in teaching parents and other caring adults effective skills for protecting young people without creating fear. As a public safety officer, I strongly believe that a great deal of violence, including bullying and abuse, could be prevented if everyone had these skills.”

Dr. Peter Lewis, Head of School: “The Kidpower program is compelling in its relevance and importance to a child’s education. As a father and head of school, I appreciate how Kidpower gives parents and teachers practical tools that they can use effectively to protect the emotional and physical safety of the children and youth in their lives. The empowerment and advocacy that Kidpower promotes are essential to a child’s well-being. Kidpower has been a unifying theme in my educational philosophy for over 20 years.”

Mother of two school-aged children: “I am so moved by your generosity in publishing this book. I LOVE it! I have been teaching my own kids using it as a guide. It seems that you are giving the gift of the whole Kidpower program to each person who buys this book, and to the children who will benefit. What a wonderful thing you have done!”

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