Ways to Help or Volunteer Just a few minutes of effort can make a big difference!

Whether you have minutes or a few hours to give, there are so many ways you can take action to help people be safe with Kidpower! To spread safety information and build bridges between Kidpower and your community, you can:

  • Stay updated with our e-newsletter. Our weekly messages offer thoughtful, practical responses to current events as well as to everyday challenges. Subscribe and pass it on with confidence – we never share your address with anyone. Share Kidpower’s healthy relationship and personal safety skills in person and online.
  • Share resources from our COVID-19 page or our Free Online Resource Library with your family, friends, and co-workers. Share with your child’s teacher, doctor, and coach. Reach out to schools, youth organizations, places of worship, and neighborhood groups.
  • Follow Kidpower on social media. Like, tweet, share, and post to spread safety information in your community! Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn!
  • Be a Kidpower enthusiast on social media and take a bit of extra time to like, share, retweet, to increase Kidpower’s visibility and accessibility
  • Give 5-star reviews to Kidpower on Great Nonprofits; to Kidpower International and local Kidpower centers on Facebook; and to Kidpower publications on Amazon.
  • Honor moments & milestones with a donation or an e-card Giving in honor of someone’s life, birthday, anniversary, or other special event shows your commitment to a safer world for all.
  • Celebrate your birthday and other important milestones with a Facebook Fundraiser helping others be safe! Let your friends know that you want Safety for Everyone, Everywhere for your birthday this year.
  • Put Kidpower books in hands and on shelves. Give our Kidpower Safety Comics and other books as gifts for birthdays, holidays, and baby showers. Donate them to libraries, schools, and parent resource centers.
  • Set up an online workshop. Your efforts will give people in your community lifelong skills. Contact us about our online programs!
  • Contribute your pro bono expertise. Your skills and connections for language translation, media relations, book marketing, online fundraising, and funding development can help Kidpower increase our scope, visibility, and sustainability.
  • Introduce Kidpower to your company. Many corporations have charitable giving programs, and they like knowing what groups matter to their employees. Your recommendation could open funding doors to help us help others be safe.
  • Consider becoming a member of our Board of DirectorsView job description.
  • Train with Kidpower. Learn to teach skills that can help vulnerable people in your family and community be safe from bullying, abuse, and other harm.
  • Contact us. We’d love to learn about you and your own unique skills!

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