Free Kidpower Coloring Books — Now in Ten Languages!

Thanks to international collaboration our Coloring Book is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Romanian, Vietnamese, Swedish, Arabic, Urdu, and Hebrew!

Woman holding up an open book and looking at the page while a young boy looks on

Our Kidpower Coloring Books, with cartoons that show children using important People Safety skills to keep themselves safe, started when Zaida Torres, the Center Director of our Kidpower Mexico Center in Guadalajara (pictured left), asked her friends and neighbors who are mothers — which of our hundreds of cartoons they found most important. She then organized ten of them into the first version of our coloring book and translated it into Spanish.

Translations have since been created by Andrea Meier, Kidpower Germany Center Director; Marylaine Leger, our Quebec Center Director; Evi Smulders, our Netherlands Center Co-Director; Phung Bich Thuy, our Vietnam representative; Amanda Golert, our Sweden Center Director and the illustrator for the comics; Olguța Iordache, our instructor and supporter in Romania; Fahd al-quhtani, a father of 3, psychologist, passionate child advocate from Saudi Arabia with edits from Zeina Hobeiche, therapist and Kidpower Lebanon Center Director; Sabrina Aziz from Pakistan; and Amit Rozen, a dedicated volunteer student intern in California.

Kidpower Coloring book cover

The Kidpower Coloring Books show children using key People Safety skills to keep themselves safe. You are welcome to download the Kidpower Coloring Books and copy them for the children in your life for free, as long as you keep our name, contact information, logo, and copyright very clearly visible.

Please click the links below to download our coloring books:

Our $12 Kidpower Safety Comics have many more cartoons with social stories and explanations for adults about how to practice skills with their children – both for adults with younger children and adults with older children. Our Fullpower Safety Comics for Teens and Adults use basic language and cartoons that are useful for people with limited literacy skills. Our cartoon-illustrated Kidpower and Fullpower Teaching Kits include five and six manuals respectively for teachers who want to incorporate Kidpower or Fullpower skills into their classrooms or programs.

All of these engaging cartoons were drawn by our Swedish Center Director Amanda Golert, who is also our Training and Program Development Consultant.

Our Coloring Books are a wonderful example of the international collaboration that makes it possible for Kidpower to keep getting better as we work together to bring safety skills to people everywhere.

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