The third Kidpower Shorts episode focuses on another important aspect of Internet safety — Online Privacy. This video aims to raise awareness about the ways people can share personal information online, and give people context for how to think about, talk about, and communicate their own online privacy boundaries.

Avery is a Kidpower native and is currently studying Zoology at the University of Glasgow. He is glad to be supporting Kidpower by producing the Kidpower Shorts, which he hopes will be accessible and helpful to people of all ages around the world!

This video was produced with help from Chris Graham, CEO of The Marketing Department, a Glasgow-based design agency helping clients flourish in Scotland and worldwide. Find more about Chris and The Marketing Department at

Photo Credits
All stock photos were downloaded from in October and November 2020

Credits in order of appearance:
Robin Worral, Hence the Boom, Shahadat Rahman, Rupixen, Scott Webb, Element5 Digital, Tyler Nix, Brad Barmore, Alex Chernenko, National Cancer Institute, Steinar Engeland, Anthony Delanoix, Jeromey Balderrama, Iz & Phil, and Roberto Nickson

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