Kidpower Shorts

The Kidpower Shorts video series presents safety skills in a simple, quick, and engaging format. Kidpower ‘native’ Avery makes topics like awareness, online safety, and emotional safety accessible and applicable to people from all backgrounds who are practicing how to keep themselves safe in the world!

Although these videos are aimed at teens and young adults, people of all ages have found them to be useful and interesting. We recommend that adults preview the videos before sharing them with younger children to ensure that they are appropriate.

Kidpower Shorts Overview 

Video Shorts

Episode 1: Awareness

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Avery demonstrates ways to practice one of Kidpower’s most fundamental safety skills — Awareness! Being aware with your body and your mind can help you avoid problems and go about the world with more calm and confidence!

Episode 2: Digital Citizenship

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The second installment of the Kidpower Shorts series focuses on an increasingly important topic — digital citizenship. Most of us are spending a lot more time online working, learning, and socializing, and practicing good digital citizenship can help everyone have a better time on the internet!

Episode 3: Online Privacy

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The third Kidpower Shorts episode focuses on another important aspect of Internet safety — Online Privacy. This video aims to raise awareness about the ways people can share personal information online, and give people context for how to think about, talk about, and communicate their own online privacy boundaries.

Episode 4: Emotional Safety

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The fourth episode of the Kidpower Shorts series addresses emotional safety. This video aims to provide skills for recognizing and managing triggers, keeping your heart protected from other people’s upset, and managing your own upset feelings in a safe and respectful way.

Episode 5: Loneliness & Negative Self-Talk

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Episode Five of the Kidpower Shorts series discusses loneliness and negative self talk. This episode provides examples of common ways people engage in negative self talk and self sabotage, and shows how to take action to improve emotional safety with a few Kidpower emotional safety skills. 

Episode 6: Setting Boundaries

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The sixth Kidpower Shorts episode introduces the skill of setting clear, respectful boundaries. Setting clear boundaries can help keep you safe, strengthen your relationships, and reduce conflict.

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Episode 7: Managing Triggers

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Episode Seven of the Kidpower Shorts series provides an introduction to emotional triggers and the challenges they pose to safety. In this video, Avery demonstrates Kidpower safety skills people could use to manage responses to triggers.

Episode 8: Managing Negative Reactions to Boundaries

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In episode eight of the Kidpower Shorts series, Avery discusses negative reactions to boundaries and ways in which people can manage and resist them. This episode expands on boundary practices and shows how to apply communication and emotional safety skills to persist in setting boundaries.

Episode 9: Recognizing and Resisting Emotional Coercion

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The ninth episode of Kidpower Shorts focuses on a particular type of boundary lowering tactic — emotional coercion. Emotional coercion can be hard to spot, no matter what anyone intends. This video can help you recognize emotional coercion and take charge of your safety.

Episode 10: Making Friends Online

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Episode 10 of the Kidpower Shorts Series focuses on skills to make safe friendships online. The internet is a large and interesting place with lots of interesting people, just like the real world. And many safety skills that we use in the real world can also apply online.

Episode 11: Getting Help

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Episode 11 focuses on how to find someone to ask for help, how to practice asking for help with a clear and calm voice, how to persist in getting help when someone does not listen, and how to tell the difference between tattling and telling to get help.

Episode 12: Staying Safe from Trafficking

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Episode 12 addresses these questions and more, providing skills to recognize the signs of trafficking and take action to keep yourself physically and emotionally safe in these situations.

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