Episode Five of the Kidpower Shorts series discusses loneliness and negative self talk. This episode provides examples of common ways people engage in negative self talk and self sabotage, and shows how to take action to improve emotional safety with a few Kidpower emotional safety skills. These skills include two methods for managing unkind words, whether from other people or yourself, speaking to yourself kindly, calming yourself down, and getting help from others when you need it.

Avery is a Kidpower native and is currently studying Zoology at the University of Glasgow. He is glad to be supporting Kidpower by producing the Kidpower Shorts, which he hopes will be accessible and helpful to people of all ages around the world!

This video was produced with help from Chris Graham, CEO of The Marketing Department, a Glasgow-based design agency helping clients flourish in Scotland and worldwide. Find more about Chris and The Marketing Department at tmd.scot.

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