Youth Sports Safety Resources

How do we keep young athletes safe from sexual predators?

Kidpower and Positive Coaching Alliance – PCA have collaborated to develop these resources specifically to address the problems of sexual abuse in youth sports. These recommended policies and procedures and videos can be used to help educate coaches, parents, and youth sports leaders on how to keep young people safe from sexual abuse.

“We are grateful to Kidpower for offering its extensive expertise in child protection to help PCA take a proactive educational approach in the wake of recent high-profile allegations of child abuse in youth sports. PCA and the people we serve have benefited greatly from Kidpower’s extensive experience and carefully developed resources. We look forward to continuing our teamwork with Kidpower in using the organization’s excellent resources to help protect kids in youth sports from abuse, bullying, and other violence.”

Jim Thompson

Positive Coach Alliance Founder

Positive Coaching Alliance – PCA is a Founding Kidpower Partner in Protection that is dedicated to creating safe and positive experiences in youth sports for young people and provides training to coaches and parents reaching over 20 million youth athletes.

Mark Murphy, President and CEO of the Green Bay Packers, starts off this 90 second Trailer of our new video series, Protecting Youth Athletes from Sexual Abuse: Key Actions for Parents, Coaches and Youth Sports Leaders.