Youth Sports Safety Resources: How do we keep young athletes safe from sexual predators?

jim-quote-pcaKidpower has been working with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) since 2011 to develop resources specifically to address the problems of sexual abuse in youth sports by developing recommended policies and procedures, and producing videos that can be used to help educate coaches, parents and youth sports leaders on HOW to keep young people safe from sexual abuse.

“We wish this wasn’t necessary, but we know that sexual abuse in youth sports is a reality.”
— Jim Thompson, PCA Founder and CEO.

Policies & Resources for Protecting Youth Athletes from Sexual Abuse

Video Trailer: Protecting Youth Athletes

Mark Murphy, President and CEO of the Green Bay Packers, starts off this 90 second Trailer of our new video series, Protecting Youth Athletes from Sexual Abuse: Key Actions for Parents, Coaches and Youth Sports Leaders.

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Our Trusted Partner

Our partner, PCA, is a national nonprofit dedicated to developing “Better Athletes, Better People” by working to provide all youth and high school athletes a positive, character-building youth sports experience.

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