Please support our ongoing efforts and the development of new FREE online, interactive safety programs to support children, families, and vulnerable adults during the Covid-19 pandemic.

New Online Fullpower Emotional Safety and Kidpower Safety Leadership Programs During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Social-Emotional Safety Skills for All Ages

Stay Calm and Take Charge!  The extraordinary circumstances of many people experiencing widespread disruption, self-isolation, and school/work closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic has us at Kidpower working hard to bring you interactive learning opportunities online.


Take action to protect emotional safety, make calm decisions, and resolve conflicts in high-stress situations with our proven and adaptable workshops and resources.


Learn with engaging online lessons how to protect the safety and well-being of children, teens, and adults: including respectful boundaries for play, health, and safety; self-advocacy and positive communication skills; help-seeking skills; online safety, and digital citizenship.

Webinars for Adults & Teens Parent/Caregiver Online Workshops Recorded Webinars Prepare – Don’t Panic!


Kidpower Distance & At-Home Learning Programs

Register (FREE OF CHARGE) for Our Upcoming Webinars and Online Workshops

For over 30 years, Kidpower has been teaching people of all ages and abilities worldwide how to stay calm and take charge of their safety.

My thanks to so many of you who have let us know that webinars for adults and online workshops for children with their adults would be of great use to you in this challenging time.

We have listened and are pleased to be offering the following programs free of charge to help you cope with the impact of the widespread disruption, self-isolation, and school/work closures due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Irene van der Zande, Kidpower’s Executive Director & Founder, will be leading each of these initial free online learning sessions that will show how to use the skills, strategies and values we teach to take care of yourself and your loved ones during this challenging time.

FREE Fullpower Online Programs
Free Fullpower Webinars for Adults & Teens

We are providing free webinars on Emotional Safety, Boundary-Setting, Advocacy, and Conflict Resolution skills for adults and teens on an ongoing basis.

Prior webinar recordings and resources

April 9  Boundary-Setting Skills to Help Prevent and Solve Problems

Note: We will be recording the webinars above and posting them on our website so that people who cannot participate will still have the opportunity to view them later.

FREE Parent/Caregiver Online Workshops
Free Kidpower Online Programs for Parents, Caregivers, and Educators

Protect your child from harm and gain valuable tools for building better relationships.

Upcoming (Registration Links Coming Soon)
April 16  Kidpower Skills for Preventing and Solving Bullying
April 22  Kidpower Skills for Protecting Kids From Sexual Abuse

Note: We will be recording the webinars above and posting them on our website so that people who cannot participate will still have the opportunity to view them later.

Even though following stay-at-home orders is important for safety, It can also lead to “too much togetherness” – and also isolation. Managing these challenges while also coping with pandemic-related stress, fear, and anxiety can be very difficult!
Fullpower communication and social emotional safety skills help adults and teens:
  • Develop emotional safety skills and strategies
  • De-escalate, avoid, and resolve conflicts with loved ones in close quarters
  • Set, negotiate, and uphold boundaries with children and teens
  • Make side-by-side remote work and distance learning less stressful and more productive
  • Parent babies and toddlers, solo or as a pair in isolation without other adult help
  • Develop strategies to prevent negative impacts of social isolation
  • Advocate long-distance to help hose not together with you, such as to help them get medical care or food 
  • Make safety plans for stay-at-home situations with someone who can be hurtful, abusive, or violent 
  • Advocate to get help for themselves those at home with them who are now distanced from therapists, teachers, and other care providers they counted on for health and well-being
  • Help others, including children, learn and use age-appropriate versions of these skills

We are working with people who want to organize online Adult Safety Leadership Workshops for taking charge of emotional and physical safety with families – and Kidpower workshops for small groups of young people of different ages and abilities with their adults. Contact us for more information.

“Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and online resources with educators like me. I have been an early childhood educator for 32 years and believe in developing socio-emotional skills of young children.The socio-emotional issues we tackle in the classroom are getting more and more challenging each day. And what you do makes our lives as teachers a lot easier. Thank you for what you do.”
Jocelynn Summers,  Pre-K Teacher at The Tobin School in Natick, MA

Kidpower Distance & At-Home Learning Programs

Recorded Webinars and Teaching Videos

Adult & Teen Videos (Not for Children)

The tremendous response we have had to our Fullpower Webinar Series shows how the emotional safety, boundary-setting, advocacy, and conflict resolution skills we teach are more needed than ever in these challenging times. See our Upcoming Webinars to participate live and get your questions answered.

Watch recordings of our new webinars below and use the following links to check out the additional resources mentioned in each webinar:


Videos for Kids (with their Adults)

Experiential and Age Appropriate

We Know How to Make Learning About Safety Fun

Kidpower’s Positive Practice Method™ provides the opportunity for students to successfully practice role-plays with in-the-moment coaching to learn strategies and skills for dealing with problems other people, in very specific situations that are directly relevant to each person’s age, abilities, and life situation. We help develop and improve student awareness; boundary-setting skills, including how to speak up to stop unwanted, disrespectful, or unsafe behavior; and help-seeking skills — even from a busy, distracted, or impatient adults. Successful practices create a foundation for learning how to act effectively under pressure.

Professional Development Training

We Support Adult Leadership in Taking Action to Protect Emotional Safety

Educators, mental health experts, public safety officials, and parents recommend Kidpower for being positive, practical, trauma-sensitive and emotionally safe, age-appropriate, adapted for different abilities, and relevant to the life situations of our students — as well as providing guidance and training to support positive adult leadership around safety issues. Bring Kidpower to your home, school, or youth organization.

Meets or Exceeds Educational Standards

Kidpower Programs:
Best Practices Checklist

✓ Age Appropriate
✓ Adapted for Special Needs
✓ Trauma Sensitive
✓ Gender Inclusive
✓ Culturally Aware & Respectful
✓ Train the Trainer and Follow-up Mentoring
✓ Flexible and Adaptable Lessons
✓ Coaching Scripts
✓ Homework Assignments for Families
✓ Parent Education
✓ Available in Other Languages
✓ Social Stories and Activities
✓ Kinesthetic Safety Signals
✓ Common Language to Solve Problems
✓ Meets or Exceeds State Requirements
✓ Recommended on
✓ Meets or Exceeds State Requirements on SEL and PBIS
✓ Meets or Exceeds State Requirements on Bullying Prevention

Kidpower Aligns With Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS), Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), and Character Education

Kidpower Curriculum Aligns with PBIS Framework

  Kidpower utilizes PBIS approaches in our curriculum and classroom management.

  Kidpower’s approach to explicit teaching in a success-based model works best for everyone to learn, including students with disabilities.

  Kidpower skills provide students and supporting staff with proactive behavior strategies for emotional and physical safety and positive peer relationship skills.

  The Kidpower Everyday Safety curriculum offers skills that support positive behavior for all students within the classroom and non-classroom settings

  Kidpower’s success-based learning and experiential role-plays help enhance the capacity of schools, families, and communities to nourish environments that maximizes academic success.

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