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Online Community Programs for Adults and for Families

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Parentpower Programs for parents and other caring adults

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Sexual Abuse Prevention - How to Protect Your Child

“Kidpower replaced my fear about what might happen to my kids with confidence in my ability to keep them safe – without taking away their innocence!” Learn skills and strategies to protect children from sexual abuse without scaring them, destroying their trust, or explaining sexual abuse. Your US$60 registration includes one-on-one email support with questions before and after the workshop and links to resources to help you and your family apply, adapt, and practice the skills. Partial scholarships available.

Next Workshop: Sunday, August 9 from 8am-9am Pacific Time  | Register

Bullying Prevention - Facing Bullying With Confidence

“Bullying at school and on social media was making my child – and us! – feel upset and helpless. Kidpower replaced our helplessness with tools and strategies for taking charge of safety in new ways, and things are definitely improving!” Learn strategies you can use and teach so your child builds age-appropriate skills to be safe in the face of bullying – and so you and other adults can advocate to make schools, neighborhoods, and online spaces safer for kids. Your US$60 registration includes one-on-one email support with questions before and after the workshop and links to resources to help you and your family apply, adapt, and practice the skills. Partial scholarships available.

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Out in Public During Covid-19 - Making Family Safety Plans

“It’s stressful enough going out by myself, but trying to keep my kid safe and also out of other people’s spaces was making me even more anxious. Kidpower strategies have helped me stay calm, assess my options, make safety plans with my kids – and respond with calm and confidence when others in public are acting in ways that aren’t safe.” Learn these strategies and more ways to help your kids be safe in public and with strangers – during the pandemic and beyond. Your US$60 registration includes one-on-one email support with questions before and after the workshop and links to resources to help you and your family apply, adapt, and practice the skills. Partial scholarships available.

Next Workshop: Friday, August 14 from 6pm-7pm Pacific Time | Register

Kidpower Programs for families in partnership with Outschool

Every Thursday from July 30th to August 20th at 10am-10:45am Pacific Time

Learn more and enroll now through Outschool | View Flyer

We are excited to offer this 4-part series for families with kids 3-7 through Outschool! With age-appropriate and entertaining social stories, demonstrations with puppets, and games, children and their adults will learn and practice Kidpower skills for being safe with people and strengthening relationships.

Spaces are limited, and Kidpower’s standard scholarship policy does not apply to this class since it is hosted by Outschool. Check back for more options, get our newsletter for schedule updates, or organize a workshop for your own group!

New Starting Strong and Confident Kids workshops coming soon!

Online Child Protection Institute for parents and professionals

Every Thursday from August 27 to September 24, 2020 at 10am-12pm Pacific Time

Learn more and register now! Partial scholarships available.

In this 5-week, 20-hour program, you will benefit from Kidpower’s 31 years of experience with a personalized needs assessment, 2-hour weekly interactive training sessions (recorded for those who cannot attend), 30-minute weekly small group coaching sessions (with time options to suit different time zones), educational materials and videos to help you prepare for sessions and integrate your learning.

We tailor online programs for all kinds of groups!

Schools, clubs, businesses, nonprofit agencies, and informal groups of families and friends organize sessions tailored to their needs. Your options include:

Fullpower Adult Safety Workshops

Fullpower Adult Safety Workshops teach skills for adults to protect themselves and others from harassment, violence, and other threats to physical and emotional safety in the workplace, online, in public, and at home.

Professional Development Workshops

Professional Development Workshops teach strategies for preK-college and health/social service agency staff to integrate Kidpower skills and methodology in their work with students, patients, clients, and consumers.

Parent Workshops

Parent Workshops teach caregivers how to protect and empower their children with age-appropriate safety, communication, and relationship building skills.

Parent/Child Workshops

Parent/Child Workshops give families fun, engaging opportunities to practice age-appropriate safety and communication skills together.

Parent/Teen Workshops

Parent/Teen Workshops focuses on safety skills for growing independence in public, including online, as well as boundary and communication skills for healthy relationships.

Class/Group Workshops

Class/Group Workshops for school or agency groups together with their regular teachers, staff, counselors, coaches, or other leaders teach skills adapted to their ages, abilities, and life situations.

Students of diverse abilities practice “Looking at each other with eyes of love” while learning relationship safety skills.


Our online workshops are tailored to the life situations of each group based on your needs and priorities. During this time of social disruption brought about by the pandemic, people commonly ask us about skills, tools, and strategies to:

  • Develop emotional safety skills and strategies
  • De-escalate, avoid, and resolve conflicts with family/roommates in close quarters
  • Set, negotiate, and uphold boundaries with children and teens
  • Effectively communicating boundaries with other parents whose views and priorities are different
  • Make side-by-side remote work and distance learning less stressful and more productive
  • Parent babies and toddlers, solo or as a pair in isolation without other adult help
  • Develop strategies to prevent negative impacts of social isolation
  • Advocate long-distance to help protect loved ones you cannot be with in person, such as to help them get medical care or food
  • Make safety plans for stay-at-home situations with someone who can be hurtful, abusive, or violent
  • Advocate to get help for yourself and those you care about who are now distanced from therapists, teachers, and other care providers, who were counted on for ongoing healthcare and well-being
  • Help others, including children, learn and use age-appropriate versions of these skills
  • Making safety plans for going out in public during the pandemic


We are working with people who want to organize online Fullpower Adult Safety Leadership Workshops for taking charge of emotional and physical safety with families, in workplaces, and out in public — and online Kidpower workshops for small groups of young people of different ages and abilities with their adults. Use the form below to tell us what you need and we will contact you to organize a workshop tailored to your needs.

Contact us to talk about a workshop for your group!

“Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and online resources with educators like me. I have been an early childhood educator for 32 years and believe in developing socio-emotional skills of young children.The socio-emotional issues we tackle in the classroom are getting more and more challenging each day. And what you do makes our lives as teachers a lot easier. Thank you for what you do.”
Jocelynn Summers,  Pre-K Teacher at The Tobin School in Natick, MA

Recorded Community Webinars and Teaching Videos

Featured Fullpower Teen & Adult Safety Skills Webinars

The tremendous response we have had to our Fullpower Community Webinar Series shows how the emotional safety, boundary-setting, advocacy, and conflict resolution skills we teach are needed more now than ever in these challenging times.

See our upcoming Community Webinars or schedule an Group Workshop to participate in a live online program and get your questions answered.

Watch recordings of our new webinars below and use the following links to check out the additional resources mentioned in each webinar:

See our Kidpower Videos page for more.


Featured Kidpower Safety Skills Video Shorts for Kids and their adults

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