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THANK YOU for being here!
We hope you will give as generously as you can to help us create a safer world!

Every dollar counts to us at Kidpower, and we promise to make excellent use of your gift!

For impact stories and to learn about additional ways to give, scroll down.

For impact stories and to learn about additional ways to give, scroll down.

Your gift to Kidpower International…

will give parents, teachers, and other caring adults skills to protect children, teens, and adults, including those with special needs, from abuse, bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

Kidpower is bringing our Positive Practice approach to ONLINE LEARNING – making learning to be safe FUN – not scary! Our age-appropriate teaching approach focuses on helping people learn how to take positive actions in the face of difficult or dangerous situations.

In addition to donating securely online here – there are many ways to give to Kidpower:

  • Donate Stock:
    We accept donations of commonly held, publicly traded stocks. It is easy to do, and you may get a larger tax benefit than by making a cash donation.
  • Send a Check or Money Order to
    Kidpower, P.O. Box 1212, Santa Cruz, CA 95061
  • Double Your Donation with Employer Match!
    Many employers will match tax-deductible charitable contributions made by their employees, retirees and employees’ spouses. You may need the following additional information:
    Full Organization Name: Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International
    Employer Identification Number (EIN), or Federal Tax ID: 77-0226712
  • Donate your car to support Kidpower International. They will pick up your car anywhere in the United States – without any cost to you, and even if it’s not running. You will get a tax donation receipt. The proceeds of the sale will support our services.  Toll-free number is (855) 500-7433
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    Send an eCard with your donation in someone’s honor

  • In honor or memorial: Send an eCard with your personal message in someone’s honor or memory, or you can include a personal message and contact information in the online donation form for us to forward to your designee.

For any questions about giving to Kidpower, please email Ellen Frankel, Director of Donor Relations, at



Since 1989 – more than three decades – thousands have used the power of their time, words, and dollars to extend the Kidpower message and skills for promoting the safety and empowerment for all. 

Almost 15% of Kidpower’s budget is funded through our Annual Fund Campaign by Individual Donors. These funds are critical to our strategic goals and enable us to:

  • Cultivate Great Leaders by mentoring committed team members; identifying new talent; offering challenging opportunities; and sharing best practices; all within a stable and strong organizational infrastructure independent of any one person.
    • Kidpower subsidizes more than 50% of the actual costs to train and mentor new Instructors and support the establishment and success of new and young centers around the globe.
  • Expand Our Reach by offering:
    • The most comprehensive Online Library of Free Resources with knowledge and skills for Child Protection Advocacy with Adult  and Organizational Leadership Best Practices and access to articles, videos, posters, handouts, and other educational materials for people to learn and teach skills and strategies to prevent and stop Bullying, Child Sexual Abuse, Kidnapping and Assault, Sexual Assault, Dating & Domestic Violence, Workplace Violence, Prejudice — which are the very same skills for how to develop and support Healthy Relationships for all ages, abilities, identities, and walks of life.
    • Scholarships and resources to provide live workshops, video conferencing, webinars, online training, and publications available in digital and print formats;
    • Partnering with corporations, schools, nonprofit agencies, and advising communities in crisis; and
    • Increasing our visibility, responsiveness, and relevance throughout social media.

Please Donate! As a monthly, annual, or one-time donor, you can transform dollars into safety

$50 gives a person with intellectual disabilities and low vision coaching in skills for being safe on public transit.

$500 provides a live, interactive bullying prevention video training for a team of special education teachers serving vulnerable children in a region without a Kidpower Center.

$5,000 paves the way for the development and publication of a new handbook for parents that will help countless kids be safer for decades to come.

$10,000 gives 1,000 survivors of domestic violence skills and safety resources they can use to transform the experience of safety for their children and themselves.

Highlights from this year

This has been another outstanding year for Kidpower!

Nearly 1 million people worldwide have benefited from our educational resources, partnerships, & workshops this year!


  • Over 60,000 visitors to our website every month access our extensive online resources and publications, downloading and sharing these with many more people in their lives.
    • Many of them wrote to tell us how helpful they found the knowledge and skills provided.
  • Personal replies were sent to hundreds of people reaching out for help with bullying, abuse, and other safety problems.
  • A new book featuring Kidpower, Doing Right By Our Kids, is an Amazon best-seller!
    • Doing Right by Our Kids: Protecting Child Safety at All Levels is a valuable resource and is opening many doors with media coverage by NBC, HuffPost, and Ms. Magazine, using Kidpower as an expert resource for pieces on bullying and teaching consent skills to children.
  • Hands-on workshops served over 24,000 people in California and over 12,000 across our 40+ other locations in the US and around the world, providing them with direct, tailored, culturally informed safety skills training for boundary setting, advocacy, and self-defense skills.
    • Teachers, parents, and other caring adults are also bringing these skills back to their families, classrooms, and organizations, reaching hundreds of thousands more.
  • Our International Kidpower and Teenpower/Fullpower Core Program Trainings – to prepare instructor candidates to teach children and their adults, as well as teens, adults, and people with special needs – welcomed candidates from 9 different countries and states: Australia, China, Spain, and, in the US,  Alaska, California, North Carolina, and Virginia!
  • A Child Safety & Protection professional development institute was held at the Jordan River Foundation, founded by the Queen of Jordan. The 3-day training led by Zeina of Kidpower Lebanon featured a special live video lesson from Irene in California!
  • We held two 3-day Kidpower Child Protection Institutes, in California and North Carolina, serving 64 professionals from a wide array of organizations that reach thousands of children.
  • World Health Organization (WHO) Conference on Child Abuse Prevention in the Baltics region.
  • Safe and Healthy Schools Conference presentation focusing on bullying prevention in Oakland, CA.
  • ImagineTalks: An all-day event in Oakland, CA, focused on women’s empowerment.
  • Kidpower webinars with hundreds on the live call or signed-in for follow-up in Europe, Oceana, Africa and North America.
    • Protecting Kids from Sexual Abuse Without Scaring Them
    • Appearance Bullying, sponsored by Rare Connect

  • Colorado 4-H: Staff workshop on leadership and teamwork.
  • School districts in California, North Carolina and Colorado have adopted Kidpower as their program for child abuse prevention and/or social-emotional learning.
  • Hands and Voices: Serving as an abuse prevention advisor to O.U.R. Children’s project for the largest advocacy organization for families with kids who are deaf or hard of hearing in the US.
  • Thrive in South Africa: Teaching Kidpower skills to deaf students in local schools and residential schools.
  • Council for Exceptional Children (CEC): As a result of long-term collaborative efforts by a coalition of special education professionals co-led by Kidpower Board Member Harold Johnson, the Council for Exceptional Children has established a landmark policy focused on the prevention of and response to the maltreatment of children with exceptionalities.

Learn More in our Annual Report!

Why Your Gift Makes a Difference!

“Thank you Kidpower for helping me enjoy my relatives instead of yelling at them.”

Knowing how to avoid conflict helps families to have more fun and fewer problems.

I confess that I’ve dreaded family gatherings because invariably, arguments, even fights arise – over politics, religion, you name it. A friend suggested I look into Kidpower’s Relationship Safety resources, and these powerful tools totally changed things for me.

By learning how to manage my emotional triggers and be persistent in setting boundaries, I knew how to refuse getting into big arguments, and instead to just to have fun with my family.

Rather than getting caught up in needing to persuade anyone about my point of view, I kept saying, ‘Let’s agree to disagree so we can enjoy this time together.‘ Instead of getting hurt feelings about old jokes from the past, I would interrupt and change the subject by saying, ‘Excuse me. There should be a statute of limitations on jokes about what we did as kids. Let’s go get dinner ready.

I also coached my teens to politely and firmly interrupt and change the subject when they were asked intrusive questions about their school or jobs by asking another question, ‘Please tell me about your trip to Europe.’

Now, thanks to my Kidpower skills, I’m looking forward to family gatherings instead of dreading them!

~ Gloria, Health Aid & Mother of 3 teens

Why Your Gift Makes a Difference!

“When my grandchild told me about her friend making comments about suicide, I immediately knew how to take action!”

Knowing how to get help can prevent misery – and save lives!

My 9-year old grandchild Ella was horrified when a classmate whispered, ‘I am so sad all of the time. I keep thinking about killing myself. But don’t tell anyone, please!’

Thankfully, workshops that our family had taken with expert Kidpower instructors had taught Ella not to keep problems a secret – and had taught me how to ‘Put Safety First’ – ahead of embarrassment, inconvenience, or offense, and how to be a safe adult for a child to come to for help by staying calm.

I first thanked my grandchild for telling me, because I wanted her to continue to feel safe about telling me things like this. Then I told my son and daughter-in-law, calming them both down so as not to upset Ella. We made confidential reports to the school and reached out to the family to make sure that this child got the support he needed. And thanks to Kidpower’s training, we also knew how to help Ella maintain a normal friendship, safely, so that this youngster would not feel alone in his despair.

Thanks to Kidpower, we had the critical tools to help prevent a potential suicide in a safe manner.

~ Aaron, gardener and Ella’s grandfather

Why Your Gift Makes a Difference!

“Thank you, Kidpower! You showed me how to stop the hurtful shunning that was happening in my classroom!”

Teaching skills for becoming leaders for safety, respect, and kindness.

The mother calling me was upset. I could hear the sadness in her trembling voice as she said, ‘My daughter doesn’t want to come to school because nobody wants to play with her. This happened to me when I was a child and I hate the idea that she has to go through the same painful experience. You’re the teacher. Can’t you fix this?

I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure what else to do. I’ve always discussed the importance of safety and respect with my students, but clearly we needed something more. Just me telling them what to do wasn’t enough. We needed a way to practice what to say and do in the moment when problems like this arise.

Kidpower’s Bullying Prevention and Positive Peer Communication Program gave me essential skills I could teach my students so that they are far better prepared to stop and prevent the behaviors of shunning and exclusion – for this girl and with all my students. Now I hear them speaking up, setting boundaries, and standing up for each other in very positive and clear ways.

These are skills that every child in every school should have, and I can’t thank Kidpower enough for make these resources available to educators.

~ Paul, a middle school teacher

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