Teenpower Skills Cards

Teenpower Skill Cards – Online Student Edition for New Zealand – adapted version of Teenpower Violence Prevention Programme with 20 Skill Cards for young people to learn, develop and practice a range of experiential, evidence and success-based violence prevention strategies and skills (using skill practices), that will help them to keep safe in a variety of situations including online interactions. Here are the illustrated skills with practice directions.

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Teenpower Skills:

  • Be and Act Aware
  • Stay Centred
  • Triggers
  • Emotional Raincoat
  • Teenpower Rubbish Bin
  • Take in Compliments
  • Stay Together
  • Take Charge
  • Think First
  • Speak Up

  • Set Boundaries
  • Move Out of Reach
  • Get Help
  • Persist in Getting Help
  • Make Friends
  • The Wish List
  • Open Doors
  • Build Bridges
  • Tend Your Relationships
  • Assess Your Relationships

Thank you to Empowerment Trust, which sponsors our Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower Center in New Zealand, for your leadership and support of this project. For information about our services in New Zealand, including training for educators and parents, contact safeNZ@empowermenttrust.nz or visit www.kidpower.org.nz. For more information about Kidpower services and educational resources in other locations or for permission to copy information, contact safety@kidpower.org.