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We are pleased to offer the following three programs for parents, guardians, educators, and other caring adults. Although there is a fee, we can provide partial scholarships for those who cannot afford the full fee.

Each Parentpower program includes educational resources and the opportunity for individual email coaching before and after the workshop. Registrants will have the opportunity to view the recording after the workshop.
Partial scholarships available.

Bullying Prevention – Facing Bullying With Confidence

Wednesday, August 5 from 10am-11am Pacific Time | Register

“Bullying at school and on social media was making my child – and us! – feel upset and helpless. Kidpower replaced our helplessness with tools and strategies for taking charge of safety in new ways, and things are definitely improving!” Learn strategies you can use and teach so your child builds age-appropriate skills to be safe in the face of bullying – and so you and other adults can advocate to make schools, neighborhoods, and online spaces safer for kids.

Sexual Abuse Prevention – How to Protect Your Child

Sunday, August 9 from 8am-9am Pacific Time | Register

“Kidpower replaced my fear about what might happen to my kids with confidence in my ability to keep them safe – without taking away their innocence!” Learn skills and strategies to protect children from sexual abuse without scaring them, destroying their trust, or explaining sexual abuse.

Out in Public During Covid-19 – Making Family Safety Plans

Friday, August 14 from 6pm-7pm Pacific Time | Register

“It’s stressful enough going out by myself, but trying to keep my kid safe and also out of other people’s spaces was making me even more anxious. Kidpower strategies have helped me stay calm, assess my options, make safety plans with my kids – and respond with calm and confidence when others in public are acting in ways that aren’t safe.”Learn these strategies and more ways to help your kids be safe in public and with strangers – during the pandemic and beyond.

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Published: July 29, 2020   |   Last Updated: July 29, 2020

Kidpower Founder and Executive Irene van der Zande is a master at teaching safety through stories and practices and at inspiring others to do the same. Her child protection and personal safety expertise has been featured by USA Today, CNN, Today Moms, the LA Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Publications include: cartoon-illustrated Kidpower Safety Comics and Kidpower Teaching Books curriculum; Bullying: What Adults Need to Know and Do to Keep Kids Safe; the Relationship Safety Skills Handbook for Teens and Adults; Earliest Teachable Moment: Personal Safety for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers; The Kidpower Book for Caring Adults: Personal Safety, Self-Protection, Confidence, and Advocacy for Young People, and the Amazon Best Seller Doing Right by Our Kids: Protecting Child Safety at All Levels.