Kidpower Scholarship Information

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How to Apply for Scholarship Support

As a non-profit organization, we do not want lack of money to be the reason that you or your loved ones would be unable to benefit from our services. To apply for a partial scholarship, even if you can only pay a small amount of the fee, please read the following information.

The workshop fees listed for each program represent our break-even costs. We receive NO government funding for these workshops and depend on class fees and donations to support our services.  Our commitment to our donors who make scholarships possible is that each person will look honestly at their personal situation and pay as much of the fee as they can afford.

Also, payment plans are available, and we can break down payments over as many months as you need. Often, adult family members, friends, or organizations someone is affiliated with will help to pay for a Kidpower workshop or training because of the high value of our program.

If you need scholarship support, please send us a brief note to with a couple of sentences describing your situation and letting us know the amount of the fee you are able to pay. Because of the volume of email we are receiving, please re-send your request if we don’t get back to you very promptly.

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