Fullpower/Teenpower Comprehensive Program Manual Teaching Teens and Adults How to Use Their Power To Stay Safe From Bullying, Abuse, Sexual Assault, and Other Violence

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This extensive 400+ page manual has been developed during our over 28 years of teaching thousands of teens and adults, including seniors, survivors, and people with disabilities – and training hundreds of instructors. This is the textbook for our Fullpower/Teenpower Core Program Training and provides step-by-step directions on how to describe safety strategies and coach students to be successful while practicing self protection, advocacy, confidence, personal security, and physical self defense skills. The in-depth material has hundreds of explanations, exercises, and activities for preventing and stopping bullying, abuse, harassment, prejudice and other emotional and physical violence – and for developing healthy relationships that enrich our lives.

Topics covered include:

  • The “Hows” of Teaching Adults and Teens
  • The “Whats” of Teaching Adults and Teens
    • Starting Classes
    • Everyday Safety Skills
    • Boundary-Setting Skills
    • Dealing With Bullying Behavior
    • Supporting Survivors of Violence and Abuse
    • Teaching People With Special Needs
    • Teaching Seniors
    • Physical Self-Defense with Kick Pads and with a Full Force Instructor
    • Ending Workshops
    • Adult Education
  • ‘People Safety’ Articles; and
  • Handouts for how to use these skills to address different issues

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